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ONE Asia Creative Awards celebrates the best creative work of the year from the Asia Pacific region. Formerly known as the One Show Greater China Awards, which was founded in 2014 by The One Club for Creativity, the awards were established because of the tremendous growth and evolution of creativity in the Asia Pacific market. It presents an unparalleled level of prestige and honor for creatives, designers and innovators in the region. The awards are a fusion of culture where East meets West that brings the creativity of the region to the global stage.

2021 ONE Asia - Integrated


Agency Ogilvy Taiwan + Ogilvy Hong Kong

Client VOGUE


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The First-ever Gender-neutral Uniform Project UNI-FORM Students at Taiwan’s Banqiao High School organized an event, inviting their male peers and teachers to wear skirts, to break gender stereotypes and promote freedom of choice. Vogue joined forces with acclaimed fashion designer Angus Chiang, to transform the concept from a one-off event into a genuine campus fashion. It sparked a global discussion: “Do school uniforms have to be gender-specific?” But this is just the beginning. In the future, we hope all students will wear UNI-FORMs, and feel at ease showing their true selves.

2021 Awards

Total Points: 30

Gold Award



Ogilvy Taiwan
Ogilvy Hong Kong

Chief Creative Officer

Giant Kung


Lin Zhong

Product Designer

Angus Chiang

Account Director

Milly Lin
Sylvia Chang

Account Executive

Freya Chen
Irene Chao
Jen Jen

Associate Creative Director

Stratos Efstathiou

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Lee

Managing Director

Fupei Wang

Senior Art Director

Soenar Santoso

Account Manager

Cathy Peng
Hilary You
Liping Shih
Sharney Chiang
Tina Lien

Associate Account Executive

Jane Huang

Associate Art Director

Alice Lin
Casper Ho
Shao Shao
Shaoan Wang

Content Director

Cyan Wang

Designer, Digital Interactive Design

Jeffrey Wu

Engineering Manager

RingeCH Chen

General Manager

Zoe Chuang

Group Head

Dora Tsao

Office Communication Director

Candy Wang

Regional Chief Creative Officer

Reed Collins

Senior Designer, Digital Interactive Design

Dorthan Pan


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