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ONE Asia Creative Awards celebrates the best creative work of the year from the Asia Pacific region. Formerly known as the One Show Greater China Awards, which was founded in 2014 by The One Club for Creativity, the awards were established because of the tremendous growth and evolution of creativity in the Asia Pacific market. It presents an unparalleled level of prestige and honor for creatives, designers and innovators in the region. The awards are a fusion of culture where East meets West that brings the creativity of the region to the global stage.

2021 ONE Asia - Print & Out of Home Craft


Agency Tencent / SHENZHEN + 25hours / GUAGNZHOU

Client Tencent


Printing & Production

Annual ID



This is a poverty alleviation campaign launched by Tencent Charitable Foundation calling on people to plant hope for their hometowns. It is an illustration-based, integrated design full communication covering brand and corporate social responsibility. We took the local characteristics, food, agricultural products and intangible cultural heritage of 36 provinces in China and used childhood scenes from the 1960s to awaken people's fond memories. We boldly extended the offline design materials and made the campaign a sustainable development project. We also completed the deployment of print ads, postcards and stamps of hometowns in major scenic post offices, and bookmark dissemination in cooperation with travel books. All print materials carried QR codes, which users scanned to enter the campaign page, make donations, and call for more friends to join. The campaign eventually brought 8,000 users to the project and completed nearly 20 million donations.

2021 Awards

Total Points: 2

Merit Award



25hours / GUAGNZHOU

Client / Brand

Tencent / Shenzhen
Tencent Charity/99 giving day / SHENZHEN

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