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ONE Asia Creative Awards celebrates the best creative work of the year from the Asia Pacific region. Formerly known as the One Show Greater China Awards, which was founded in 2014 by The One Club for Creativity, the awards were established because of the tremendous growth and evolution of creativity in the Asia Pacific market. It presents an unparalleled level of prestige and honor for creatives, designers and innovators in the region. The awards are a fusion of culture where East meets West that brings the creativity of the region to the global stage.

2022 ONE Asia - Innovation

Made For Out There

Agency Special / Auckland + Kathmandu

Client Kathmandu


Product Innovation

Annual ID



As a brand dedicated to being “out there” and enjoying nature, Kathmandu is doing their part to look after it too. To launch their 2022 winter range, they brought a revolutionary product to market – a biodegradable jacket. We needed to tell the two-sided story of a jacket defined by contradictions – designed to be long-lasting, but also designed to disappear. So, to get this divergent message across, we created a story of two halves, summed up by the line, “Made for out there. Biodegrades in here.” One side of the story was about enjoying the natural world, featuring our model making snow angels. While its equal but opposite scene showed what happens when the jacket’s journey is over, symbolised by a now empty jacket, animated to make trash angels in a huge pile of rubbish. On one side we explained how durable the jacket was with a hiking model who was made to age decades, while enjoying his long-lasting jacket. And on the other side, we balanced this with the story of how the jacket “goes away”, by working with British artist Kate Isobel Scott to create some colourful claymation microorganisms that chewed, gulped and slurped their way through the BioDown jacket. We showed how great the jacket made you feel when you wear it, with some Disney-esque animated birds helping to dress our model amidst a pristine alpine landscape. Then matched this scene with how great it makes you feel to not be hurting the planet, with the help of a puppet Ibis – who was very appreciative that you weren’t contributing to the exaggerated, almost dystopian rubbish landscape it inhabits. It’s a celebration of the great outdoors in all its natural beauty, and a commitment from Kathmandu – to do anything they can to leave it just as they found it.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 2

Merit Award



Special / Auckland

Client / Brand


Art Director

James Showler

Chief Creative Officer

Tony Bradbourne


Campbell Brown


Stefan Hunt


Leila Gaabi

Executive Creative Director

Jonathan McMahon
Lisa Fedyszyn


Pip Cowley


Ed Gunn

Acting Global Communications Manager

Michaela Clark

Business Director

Kate Syms

Business Executive

Ruby Koia

Campaign Marketing Manager

Cara Lloyd

Chief Customer Officer

Eva Barrett

Chief Strategy Officer

Rory Gallery


Kate Isobel Scott


Dave Gibson

Creative Manager

Glenn Gibbins

General Manager

John Marshall

Ibis Puppet

Paul Trefry

Lead Business Partner

Nicole Robertson

Music Licensing

Tamara O’Neill

Post Creative Director

Stefan Coory

Post Producer

Sophie Loughran

Sound Engineer

Andy Morton

VFX Supervisor

Glenn Holbrook
Julian Ford

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