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ONE Asia Creative Awards celebrates the best creative work of the year from the Asia Pacific region. Formerly known as the One Show Greater China Awards, which was founded in 2014 by The One Club for Creativity, the awards were established because of the tremendous growth and evolution of creativity in the Asia Pacific market. It presents an unparalleled level of prestige and honor for creatives, designers and innovators in the region. The awards are a fusion of culture where East meets West that brings the creativity of the region to the global stage.

2023 ONE Asia - Social Media


Agency Dentsu / Tokyo + Abstract Engine / Tokyo + AOI Pro. / Tokyo + Flowplateaux / Tokyo




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Social media is full of extreme unhealthy content because it gets more views, shares and likes. However, this is affecting young people’s health in an alarming way. As the leading fruit brand in Japan that aims to enrich people’s health, Zespri wanted to show that non-extreme healthy content can be just as engaging. So together with our super popular brand mascots, the Kiwi Brothers, we created something totally unheard of. HEALTHY AR STREAMERS is the world’s first 24-hour, 30-day AR interactive live stream. By submitting ideas through the comments section, viewers could control the AR Kiwi Brothers in real-time. But there was one condition: the commands had to be healthy. This unique participatory setup invited viewers to race in submitting comments and take snapshots of their favorite healthy scenes to share. This was not merely a viewing experience; it was a venue for active participation. Given the continuous live stream, conventional VR actors were impractical. We utilized breakthrough technologies including AR, robotic arms, and sensing technology, creating a seamless, multi-device experience. With 15 motion capture cameras, we scanned a diorama house in minute detail. The AR characters were then synchronized onto this set in real-time. Furthermore, an AR camera was attached to a moving robot arm, creating a dynamic broadcast featuring multiple angles in one consecutive shot. Finally, to make it look even more real, the lighting was synchronized with the movement of the sun. Through the innovative use of social media and technology, our live stream gathered 4 million people who invented 1.4 million non-extreme ways of getting healthy. They eagerly shared posts mimicking the Kiwi Brothers, including eating kiwifruit. In result, sales and brand scores met record highs. This is how our viral live stream flooded people’s timelines with healthy content, making social media a healthier place.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 2

Merit Award



Dentsu / Tokyo

Production Company

Abstract Engine / Tokyo
AOI Pro. / Tokyo
Flowplateaux / Tokyo

Art Director

Kimiko Sekido

Creative Director

Ko Izumi
Yuichi Kitada

Executive Creative Director

Keiji Tajima


Ryo Funamoto

Account Director

Masami Yoshida

Account Executive

Ei Ko
Mirie Meguri

Casting Director

Rina Ito

Project Manager

Ayumi Yagi
Hisao Sato

Set Designer

Momoko Nakamura

Strategy Director

Hiroki Sugimoto

Technical Support

Muryo Homma

3D Model Editing

Toshitaka Mochizuki

Account Manager

Aya Tanita


Haruna Okabe
Kazuki Tazaki

Backend Engineer

Tatsuya Takemasa

Broadcasting Engineer

Kyohei Ogawa

Calibration System

Shino Higuchi
Yuya Hanai

CG Animation Supervisor

Mizuki Saitou

CG Animator

Aki Maehara
Haruka Matsumura
Ryo Fujimoto
Ryuji Ohashi
Shinnosuke Hattori
Shokan You
Ami Taguchi
Haruka Koyama
Hayato Sano
Hibiki Takaishi
Manon Shiga
Marina Hamabe
Minami Ishizuka
Sakura Tomyo
Shiori Ishizuka
Souma Tanabe
Taichi Ito
Takeshi Tsukamoto
Yoshiki Suzuki
Yoshiyuki Osawa

CG Designer

Satoru Kaneko
Teppei Maki

CG Director

Hiroshi Yanai
Fumio Matsuo

CG Engineer

Kazuyuki Ishiahra
Soki Shibata

CG Line Producer

Yasuaki Yamagata
Yutaka Nishino

CG Modeler

Chieh Kao
Takumi Mitsui

CG Modeling Supervisor

Moe Ohyama

CG Producer

Keisuke Homan
Yohei Fujii

CG Producution

Akira Iio

CG Rigger

Kota Suzuki
Yohei Sunamura

CG+AR System

Hirofumi Tsukamoto

CG+AR System / Technical Direction

Tatsuya Ishii

Chief Producer

Tatsuma Sasaki

Creative Producer

Junya Takahashi
Shinya Hasegawa

Creative Technologist / Digital Experience Designer

Tomoya Morohoshi

Digital Media

Takanori Sugiyama
Takuto Konno
Yosuke Kawano

Diorama Gimmick

Katsuhiko Harada
Kyohei Mouri

Frontend Engineer

Junichi Honda

Infrastructure Engineer

Jun Kuriyama
Taichiro Kobayashi

Lighting System

Tatsuya Motoki

Media Planner

Yosuke Arai

PR Director

Junko Okawa

PR Planner

Akira Shintaku
Taiga Kanayama
Takashi Kikuchi

Production Manager

Yuka Matsumoto


Masato Ichimura
Sonoka Nakamura

Robot Arm System

Tomoyo Obata

Senior Strategy planner

Syoko Hirata

Sound Playback System

Naoki Ishizuka

Technical Direction

Motoi Ishibashi

Technical Director / Backend Engineer

Shu Takano

Technical Director / Frontend Engineer

Keita Kuroki

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