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The Myth

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This year, we continue to witness devastating levels of violence – both physical and nonphysical – against our communities of color. Not only our Asian community, but also our Black, Latinx, and so many of our marginalized communities. This film is an effort to overcome that violence, by exposing a common denominator fueling it: the myth of the “model minority”. The term “model minority” was first coined in the 1960’s, at the intersection of the Civil Rights movement lead by Black activists, and the reintroduction of Japanese Americans after their forced internment during WWII. The concept of the “model minority” falsely positions the Asian community as successful, while undermining the Black community; effectively pitting the two against each other. Ultimately, it dismisses the oppression of both communities, and frees systems in power from responsibility. Since then, it has become increasingly weaponized against ethnic communities to prevent progress at pivotal moments in American history, including the 1992 LA Riots, and most recently, the Black Lives Matter movement. Today, as we hover at another precipice of change, we created this film in an effort to neutralize this weapon. In this film, we follow a young Asian American woman as she examines how being identified as a “model minority” has shaped the relationships she’s had throughout her life: starting with her relationship with herself, her family, and finally, her Black partner. The film aims to dispel the myth of the “model minority” that keeps us apart, and urges us to recognize what it attempts to dissuade us from: the belief that we – those of us who were born here, immigrated here, or are simply just here in America – belong here. All of us. Together.

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Wieden+Kennedy / Portland

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Biscuit / Los Angeles

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Walker / Los Angeles

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Joint / Portland

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Dan Koo
Titania Tran

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Hayley Goggin
Mimi Munoz

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Kevin Moyer
Maggie Harasyn

Head of Production

Orlee Tatarka

Associate Business Affairs Manager

Tristan Martin

Associate Media Planner

Kiran Boyal

Director of Retouching

Frazer Goodbody

Group Media Director

Jason Strickland
Samantha Casagrande
Kim Sizemore

House Mother

Jason Kreher

Integrated Traffic Manager

Eric Nguyen

Integrated Traffic Supervisor

Billy Mucha

Media Supervisor

Philip Chiu

Sr. Business Affairs Manager

Kacey Kelley

Sr. Producing Lead

mauricio granado

Sr. Retoucher

Saskia Thomson

Sr. Studio Designer

Hui Chen Ou Yang

Studio Manager

Alicia Kuna
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