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Blossoming at the intersection of advertising and filmmaking, ONE Screen serves to honor the storytellers and picture painters within our community. From epic commercials to passion project shorts, from animation to music videos, from branded entertainment to student work, ONE Screen is a joy to behold — and even more so if you win.

2022 ONE Screen - Craft

Black Ice

Agency Heckler / Sydney

Client On Running



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Based around a graphic novel rather than a script, and intercutting hand drawn images with live shots, the production is a unique combination of live action footage fused with graphic design and animation. The Film depicts Akwasi’s humble origins, and a truly arduous journey which forged his resilient spirit and ultimately transformed him into a symbol of modern Africa. The film was written and directed by Bullock, and produced by Hungry Man Productions and Swiss sportswear company, On.

2022 Awards

ONE Screen Winner


Post Production Company

Heckler / Sydney


Coralie Tapper
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