One Screen

One Screen 2022 Jury

Onur Senturk

Film Director & Artist

Onur Senturk is a Turkish film director and artist living in London. His early education on traditional fine arts, followed with animation degree in collage. He gained recognition with his abstract films short films, Nokta. and Triangle. Afterwards, he started working at Prologue Films and contributed to feature films with design and animation. His design and art direction on David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” main titles helped to launch his directing career. In 2014, He directed Pens for Amnesty International which won a Lion in Cannes followed with other awards. His style is featuring opposite sides of concepts, such as perfect vs imperfect, combining multitude of different disciplines, often cgi, practical effects mixed with live action to reach towards a flow and rhythm of motion. From beginning of his career, he directed films for Asics, Audi, Porsche, Bethesda, Lipton, Lenovo, Honor, Guinness, Chocapic, Arcelik, Nestle, Vizio, Magnum, Unilever, EA.




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