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The LGBTQ+ community has been an important part of the ASTROGLIDE family since its founding. The pandemic made life difficult for everyone, especially LGBTQ+ folks who disproportionally face mental, financial, and emotional hardship. With many Pride events canceled or held virtually since 2020, on top of the social isolation we experienced, we knew everyone was missing one thing most: COMMUNITY. In order to honor the fun, celebratory spirit of Pride, ASTROGLIDE would need to go beyond the rainbow flag that so many brands throw on their logo. We wanted to ensure our visual representation felt true to the diverse identities and orientations of the members of the community that has long inspired ASTROGLIDE. In our search through traditional advertising and stock imagery, we found a community that was altogether left out of the popular narrative — loving couples, smiling families. As a global marketing agency, we needed to do more for the people our industry has failed to represent. So, we partnered with an amazingly talented queer illustrator, Yan Moryachok, who would bring this community to life in a way that reflects both the vibrant energy of Pride and the ASTROGLIDE brand. Moryachok captured the diversity and level of intimacy that could only be depicted by an artist whose work informs their own identity. This became the center of our messaging campaign — love, in all shapes and sizes, is something to be proud of.

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Yan Moryachok
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