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2021 San Diego Awards - Design

Custom Playing Card Illustrations - Deal Us In

Agency Second Sight Design / San Diego

Client Seven Mile Casino


Craft / Illustration

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Seven Mile Casino sought to update their brand and distinguish themselves amongst your typical card rooms. Along with other visual elements, we created a set of custom playing cards that would display as a Royal Flush unveiling animation on their website. To design the cards, we tapped into their brand’s natural alignment with the golden age of Las Vegas and drew inspiration from the era’s iconic crowd and scenery. We chose a warm color palette reminiscent of the gold velvet tufted sofas, burgundy dinner jackets and the warm orange glow of marquee lights that line the streets at night. Geometric shapes reinforced the feel of the time and added a touch of midcentury swank. No deck would be complete without its high-stakes cards. We used this opportunity to highlight the people that showcased the sights and sounds of the time; our Jack is Frank Sinatra, our Queen is the Showgirls and our King is the King of Las Vegas himself, Elvis Presley

2021 Awards

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Second Sight Design / San Diego
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