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2021 San Diego Awards - Student

Maximus Knives

Agency San Diego City College / San Diego

Client My personal portfolio


Student / Design

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Maximus Knives is a direct-to-consumer kitchen knife brand geared towards professional chefs and advanced-level home chefs. The knives are meant to be highly customizable for those who use knives for many hours every day. Knives are often overlooked by many as just a way to cut things. To chefs and advanced at-home chefs, they are much more, they are an extension of you. This project was originally started as a logo design, it then grew to become a branded direct-to-consumer professional kitchen knife brand. I really enjoyed using the parallel pen to create the hand-lettered logo. I also created the box for the knives from book cloth, illustration board, and nylon lanyard. It was a treat to get to use some of my precision knife skills to help create this brand and it was refreshing to work with my hands. Hope you enjoy this project and my story behind it.

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Student Gold Winner


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City College / San Diego
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