San Diego Awards

2022 San Diego Awards - Design

The Boring Age of Aerospace is Over

Agency Bondir / Encinitas + David William Baum + MU-NY / New York City

Client Intergalactic


Branding / Identity System

Annual ID



Aerospace is making a lot of noise again, and while the industry is heating up in terms of public awareness, Intergalactic is keeping things cool in a practical sense. As new pioneers of thermal management solutions, they are opening wider the possibilities of more, faster and further on land, at sea, and into space. This was a large scope project with a short runway and a real blast for all involved. From identity discovery and determination, to name exploration, all the way into brand architecture applied in physical and digital applications and product photography alongside David William Baum with systems and industry renders in tandem with MU (μ). Within the leadership of Intergalactic was a shared appreciation and near reverence for 80’s culture that runs much deeper than simple nostalgia. From the engineering and the technologies of those days to the movies and music that were pushing long-established boundaries—the IG team carries forward the imagination and optimism that defined their formative years. What was “Airborne Environmental Control Systems” became INTERGALACTIC and the results are simply out-of-this-world stellar—and if you can’t tell by the puns, we are extra-super-hyper excited to share. Our involvement: Core Identity Development, Company Naming, Product Naming, Brand Architecture, Photography, 3D Rendering, Website Design + Development, Environmental Design, Trade Experience + Design, Advertising Campaigns, Social Strategy

2022 Awards

Total Points: 15

Gold Winner



Bondir / Encinitas
MU-NY / New York City
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