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Refugee Supply Box

Agency Miami Ad School / San Francisco

Client Call of Duty: Warzone


Student / Marketing

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Call of Duty: Warzone doesn't command the same level of mainstream appeal as some of its competitors. The campaign should change this by dropping it into mainstream culture so everyone, both players and non-players, celebrate Warzone. Cater to an audience that ranges from 18-44, has a wide range of interests outside of gaming and think Warzone isn't for them. The idea should make it the most talked about brand that appears in the headlines of non-gaming news media, turning Warzone into a badge of honor for existing players. With the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, approximately 95,000 Afghan Refugees are expected to resettle in the United States. Many fled with only a few personal belongings, but to find success in America, refugees will need access to digital resources for employment, education, immigration, and cultural needs. To solve this, we called upon the resources of Warzone’s 22 million U.S. gamers to set up a donation drive for Afghan refugees. We took a well-known in-game feature called a supply box, and created a special one marked by a symbol for refugees and placed them throughout the game. Inside the boxes, gamers found a contract detailing a real-life scavenger mission to round up their pre-owned electronics in working condition to help Afghan refugees. The Refugee Supply Box dropped Warzone into the news media landscape and reframed the game as a force for good, and the envy of non-gamers. But most importantly, it helped Afghan refugees find their footing in their new environment.

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Miami Ad School / San Francisco
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