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TDC68, now in its 68th year, is all about how letterforms are used, recognizing typographic excellence and innovation along with the art and craft of typography and design. 25TDC, in its 25th year, focuses on how letterforms are drawn, and celebrates new typeface designs in all global languages. Both competitions receive entries from more than 60 countries.

2022 TDC Awards - Communication Design

Dutch Design Week

Agency Thonik / Amsterdam + The Foundry Types / London

Client Dutch Design Week


Identity/Branding / Campaign

Annual ID



We thought Crouwel’s Fernhout typeface would make a fitting candidate for the new house style. But Edgar Fernhout’s name only holds 13 letters and not all the ones that spell Dutch Design Week, let alone other messages. With the blessing of Judith Cahen, Crouwel’s partner, our studio set out to design the other half of the alphabet, a full set of numbers and punctuation marks. Animating the newly developed font for the DDW site felt natural. When the letters started moving, the underlying grid became visually present. A bridge was forged between the aesthetics of the past and the design language of the future: motion design. The Greater Number' is a quest for the better number. With this theme, DDW on the one hand calls for less. Less consumption, less production, and therefore less waste. On the other hand, we know less isn't always possible and that when it comes to more,

2022 Awards

TDC Winner


Design Firm

Thonik / Amsterdam

Type Foundry

The Foundry Types / London
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