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TDC68, now in its 68th year, is all about how letterforms are used, recognizing typographic excellence and innovation along with the art and craft of typography and design. 25TDC, in its 25th year, focuses on how letterforms are drawn, and celebrates new typeface designs in all global languages. Both competitions receive entries from more than 60 countries.

2022 TDC Awards - Communication Design

Plastic Air

Agency Pentagram / New York

Client Google Arts & Culture


Digital Media / Websites - Single

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“Plastic Air” allows viewers to imagine these particles as objects and see what we usually don’t see. The experience consists of a speculative “window” onto a data-driven approximation of plastic particles that exist all around us, but remain hidden to the naked eye. Users can drop identifiable objects like housewares and apparel to “pollute” the sky, and then see the items break down into the air. They can also adjust factors like location (cities vs. rural areas) and weather conditions like wind, rain and snow to see how these affect dispersal patterns. The designers wanted the experience to be highly engaging, to encourage users to spend some time with it and share it with their friends. The project utilizes the principles of “data humanism”––using data to uncover a relatable human element behind the numbers and statistics, to help make the issue more accessible.

2022 Awards

TDC Winner


Design Firm

Pentagram / New York


Talia Cotton
Ting Fang Cheng


Giorgia Lupi

Strategy and New Business Lead

Phillip Cox
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