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The TDC competition, established in 1953, is the longest running, most prestigious, global typography and type design competition. Now in its 70th year, these awards are all about how letterforms are used and drawn, recognizing typographic excellence and celebrating new typeface designs in all global languages.

2022 TDC Awards - Communication Design

Movement Research Performance Journal #55

Agency Yotam Hadar / Brooklyn, NY + Sean Yendrys / Berlin

Client Movement Research


Editorial / Single

Annual ID



The latest issue of Movement Research Performance Journal, published by Movement Research – a New York–based non-profit founded in the 1970s, dedicated to dance and performance art.
This tabloid-sized journal is web-printed on newsprint in 5000 copies and distributed for free around the world.
There are no over-arching grids or design templates to the journal – each issue is (re)designed from scratch to fit its unique content and editorial perspectives. A new layout system is developed for each issue in close collaboration with the journal's editors and is applied across ~100 pages of artists' contributions, spanning essays, interviews, poetry, and visual work.
The journal’s design has been a long-term relationship between designers and editors, and a continuous typographic investigation of the themes evident in the journal’s name – Movement, Research, and Performance.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 20

TDC Winner



Yotam Hadar / Brooklyn, NY
Sean Yendrys / Berlin
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