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The TDC competition, established in 1953, is the longest running, most prestigious, global typography and type design competition. Now in its 70th year, these awards are all about how letterforms are used and drawn, recognizing typographic excellence and celebrating new typeface designs in all global languages.

2023 TDC Awards - Lettering

36 Days of Type, 9th Edition

Agency Studio Saber / The Hague

Client N/A


Print or Digital / 36 Days of Type

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'Sculptural, Basic, Explicit, and Brutal Letter-forms' My inspiration for the 9th edition of '36 Days of Type' draws from two sources: 1. Brutalist architecture, particularly from the Eastern Bloc 2. Industrial photography by Bernd and Hilla Becher. I found inspiration in Brutalist Architecture with its rough, unfinished surfaces, unusual shapes, heavy-looking materials, rigid lines, and small windows. This style is characterized by a deliberate plainness, crudity, or violence of imagery. In addition, my long-standing interest in the Bechers' photography, which features "anonymous sculpture" and rejects expressionism in favor of an unsentimental representation of the world, also influenced my work. In short, my goal was to create a set of letter-forms that were sculptural, basic, explicit, and brutal. They should be self-standing like Becher's images, and cold and heavy like brutalist monuments. Finally, I would like to note that this letter-set reflects my reaction to the current situation in Ukraine.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 20

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