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The TDC competition, established in 1953, is the longest running, most prestigious, global typography and type design competition. Now in its 70th year, these awards are all about how letterforms are used and drawn, recognizing typographic excellence and celebrating new typeface designs in all global languages.

2023 TDC Awards - Typography

What is design? 7th Anniversary Handbook

Agency ALINE STUDIO / Beijing (北京)



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The Handbook is a 7th anniversary of the establishment of a design studio to commemorate our understanding and thinking about design. Answers to the question "What is design?" were collected from 777 audiences and compiled into a book. This book is composed of 7 chapters in 7 sub-volumes of different formats, 24 categories of content and different typesetting, to increase interest, highlight the collision of ideas. Because answers from different people are included, the book presents strong dispersion, independence and subjectivity. According to the characteristics of the answers, a suitable design language is sought. So we created the concept of the road for this booklet, meaning that everyone walks their own way.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 20

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Design Firm

ALINE STUDIO / Beijing (北京)

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