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The TDC competition, established in 1953, is the longest running, most prestigious, global typography and type design competition. Now in its 70th year, these awards are all about how letterforms are used and drawn, recognizing typographic excellence and celebrating new typeface designs in all global languages.

2023 TDC Awards - Typography

The Alphabetical Room

Agency Liad Shadmi

Client N/A



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The project “The Alphabetical Room” is a systematic exploration into the boundaries and limits of writing within a strictly calculated mathematical three dimensional grid within the flat digital space. Treating the three dimensional grid in the second dimensional digital space was always an intriguing matter for graphic designers, programmers, creative coders and visual artists. Starting from Josef-Müller Brockmann’s grid proposal for the design of interior spaces in 1961, the perspective of the viewer changes throughout the pages of the leaflet as does the resolution of the three dimensional grids in which the hypothetical letterforms are displayed. In addition I wrote a short introductory essay on the historical and on-going fascination of graphic designers, programmers, creative coders and visual artists on that topic.

Created as a part of "Letter shapes are entirely described by numbers"
Guidance: Prof. Pierre Pané-Farré
HAW Hamburg, Masters program
55GSM newsprint, 350x500mm, self publication

2023 Awards

Total Points: 20

TDC Winner


Type Designer

Pierre Pané-Farré

College / University

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg)

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