Exclusive the Rainbow live event


DDB / Chicago + Starcom / Chicago + Mediacom / Chicago + Olson Engage / Chicago


Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Annual ID



2018 Direct Marketing: Ambient Media / Live Events

2018 Awards

Total Points: 25

Points: 25


Chief Creative Officer

Ari Weiss
John Maxham

Executive Creative Director

Colin Selikow

Creative Director

Nathaniel Lawlor
Ruth Bellotti


Nic Yiallouris


Tim Allan
Joel Signer

Production Company

The Mill / New York City
Beast / Chicago
Method / Chicago
Company 3 / Chicago


John Dingfield

Media Company

Starcom / Chicago
Mediacom / Chicago

PR / Marketing

Olson Engage / Chicago
Fanscape / New York City

Social Media Manager

Leandro Martinez

Creative Team

Diane Jackson - Chief Production Officer
Matt Blitz - Executive Producer
Jason Georgen - Senior Producer
Scott Terry - Production Manager
Azher Ahmed - Director of Digital Operations
Jim Higgins - Digital Director
Nico Nieto - Digital Director
Josh Drueck - Group Strategy Director
Jonathan Palmer - Strategist
Richard Guest - Global Business Lead
Eli Velez - Global Segment Lead
Josh Lenze - Global Brand Lead
Erin Leahy - Global Account Director
Katie Goold - Account Executive
Dan Franz - Director of Photography
Tracey Khan - Executive Producer
Alison Ginsburg - Line Producer
Mark Sheridan - Assistant Editor
Lauren Roth - Head of Production
Mark Anderson - Senior Flame Artist
Jason Kerman - Junior Flame Artist
Beth Cantafio - Junior Flame Artist
Tyler Roth - Senior Colorist
Zachary Korpi - Color Assist


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