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2022 One Show - Branded Entertainment

Hens Behind the Lens

Agency Preacher / Austin + Lightbox Productions, Inc.

Client Vital Farms


Craft / Use of Technology

Annual ID


About the Work

From misleading pictures of idyllic farms to nice-sounding labels, like “cage-free,” factory egg farms will do just about anything to cover up how they treat their animals. It’s why, for years, ethical egg brand, Vital Farms, has used their advertising to highlight their honesty while calling bullsh*t on the industry.
But, by 2021, a slew of new competitors had crowded the shelf, making it harder for their audience to separate Vital Farms from the fray. The brand needed a fresh way to capture attention and convey, that when it comes to food and farming, no one is more honest.
So, we set out to create the most honest campaign we could think of using the most honest photographers we could find—their hens.
With the help of the world’s first 100%, hen-operated hen-camera, we launched the Hens Behind the Lens, a stunning and unfiltered look at life on the wide-open pastures of Vital Farms—captured entirely by the ladies who call them home.
The hens’ photography became the centerpiece of an integrated campaign that saw their work on billboards, social media and even the pages of a hard-bound, coffee-table book. Our audience took stock, flocking to social media to ask for art prints and copies of the book.
In the end, the Hens Behind the Lens put a new focus on how farm animals should be treated while re- establishing Vital Farms as an innovative leader in the food space.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




Preacher / Austin

Production Company

Lightbox Productions, Inc.

Art Director

Kymberli Fraser

Chief Creative Officer

Rob Baird

Creative Director

Jimmie Blount
Justin Ralph

Executive Producer

Stacey Higgins


Andrew Loehman

Brand Manager

Taylor Jansen

Chief Executive Officer

Krystle Loyland

Motion Graphics

Skylar Moran

Senior Copywriter

Matt Klugman

Senior Producer

Cate McManus


Phil Kline

Brand Director

Kristen Meade

Business Affairs

Miiko Martin

Chief Strategy Officer

Seth Gaffney


Isaac Secret

Junior Designer

Wendy Ampuero

Senior Strategist

Stephen Maroda

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