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2022 One Show - Brand-Side / In-House

Fairy Modmother

Agency Twitch

Client Twitch


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Twitch Creators want to be seen and supported, especially by Twitch. So, with world events leaving everyone bogged down and Creator sentiment struggling, we conjured a new way to show our creators that we care: The Fairy Modmother, a magical bean-shaped character in rollerskates who travels all over Twitch, appearing in Chat, giving gifts, and spreading joy, all live on-stream.

Why a Modmother? On Twitch, Moderators, or “Mods”, are people who help take care of Creator’s channels. We took that idea to the next level by creating the ultimate caretaker; someone who looks out for all our Creators. And since taking care of Creators and strengthening communities is our primary goal, we collaborated with one of our own, TomThinks, to develop, voice, and manifest our fairy friend.

Next, we made the Modmother a Twitch account so they could directly interact in real-time with Twitch Chat, introduced them to the community on social, and set them loose on Twitch. We traveled from channel to channel, interacting live with Creators and making their wishes come true. We dropped Bits (a form of Twitch currency), gave away subscriptions, inspired songs, and even tears of joy!

Fairy Modmother became so beloved that when SUBtember, our annual subscription drive to support Creators, rolled around, we couldn’t think of anyone better suited to rally the community. Throughout the month, the Fairy Modmother gave away a ton of subscriptions and inspired countless others to give subs like never before. Using real-time puppeteering software, we even incorporated the Modmother into a live broadcast on the front page of Twitch.

The results? Magical. The Fairy Modmother has visited over 5,000 creators, given away 10,000+ subscriptions and over $500,000! They’ve earned sentiment scores of 93% and helped drive record breaking subscriptions for SUBtember (+451% compared to 2020).

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Chief Marketing Officer

Doug Scott

Creative Director

Evan Freitas

Executive Creative Director

Byron Phillipson

Group Creative Director

Adam Szajgin


Tom Deslongchamps

Associate Creative Director

Julian Gese

Creator Marketing Manager

Laura Brewer

Director of Community Marketing

Mary Kish

Director of Revenue Growth Marketing

Karen Tong

Head of Creator Marketing

Loren Piretra

Revenue Growth Manager

Amanda Tessier

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