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2022 One Show - Cultural Driver

Degree Inclusive

Agency Wunderman Thompson Argentina

Client Unilever


Cultural Driver

Annual ID


About the Work

Degree, the world’s #1 deodorant, has an inclusive purpose – to inspire confidence in everyone to move more. The brand recognizes that movement matters for both physical and mental health, but there was not a deodorant product on the market that was accessible to 1 in 4 people in the US that live with a disability.

Deodorant is something most of us take for granted, but if you are disabled, doing things the rest of us give little thought to – going out, getting to work, exercising - can take real effort.

People with disabilities often apply deodorant multiple times a day, and on multiple parts of their body, but trying to unscrew the cap on a roll on or press a spray with any hand or arm difficulties is a challenge.

We believe that everyone should be able to take care of  their  hygiene needs independently in order to feel self-sufficient in daily life. Degree Inclusive helps give everyone the confidence to go out and experience life without worrying about sweating or body odor.

Our motto is “build with, not for” so we designed a process that was inclusive from the very start. We ideated, co-created and launched this design together with the disabled community. Our team was comprised of designers, engineers, occupational therapists from NYU, psychotherapists and members of the disabled community.

To optimize the design and product formulation, Degree created a beta program in the US to engage people with disabilities to trial the design and give their feedback on its concept, product features, and messaging, helping to improve all elements of the product and marketing mix for the full consumer launch.

It was also important in communications to feature real people with disabilities, instead of elite athletes or Paralympians, and tell real stories about their passions and challenges.

Degree Inclusive is easier to handle, identify, open, close and apply, thanks to:
-A hooked design for one-handed usage
-A braille label with instructions
-Magnetic closures
-Enhanced grip placement
-A larger roll-on applicator to reach more surface area per swipe
-Refillable design

The opportunity to move is not distributed equally - 15% of the world’s population experience some form of disability. Yet products and experiences are still not designed with this community in mind.
Degree’s mission is “To inspire confidence in everyone to move more…. No matter how you move” - and to fight against ability standards. The brand believes in the power of movement to transform lives. And, its ambition is to be Unilever’s leading brand on D&I.
Degree Inclusive made history in the category and set a new standard for other brands in the importance of being truly inclusive by design. A first but vital step towards creating a world that’s accessible for all.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




Wunderman Thompson Argentina

Production Company


Chief Creative Officer

Natalia Benincasa


Martín Donozo

Director of Photography

Sebastian Cantillo

Executive Producer

Agustin Gutierrez


Marco Pilosio

Product Manager

Mariana Jauregui

Account Director

Dana di Lello

Account Executive

Caitlin Gronski

Content Strategist

Daniel Alaniz

Post Production

Luis Staffolani

Project Manager

Ana Laura Rodríguez


Victoria Cole
José Arnal

Community Manager

Vincenzo Mazzei

Creative Collaborators

Nicolás Trapanese
Santiago Estevez

Creative Operations Leader

Paula Akel

Director of Global Creative Operations

Nora Farley

Disabled co-collaborators Argentina

Andrea López de Mora
Cecilia Rizzo
Lidia Beatriz Peyronnet
Mercedes Monjaime

Disabled co-collaborators US

Keah Brown
Keisha Greaves
Lissa Loe
Natalie Trevonne


Leandro Ramirez

General Account Director

Eliana Kaplan

Global Ass. Brand Manager

Edward Jones

Global Assistant Brand Manager

Stephanie Bau

Global Brand Director

Lucy Howdle

Global Brand Vice President

Kathryn Swallow

Global CCO

Bas Korsten
Daniel Bonner

Global Client Lead Unilever

Inge Selawry

Global Lead inclusive Design

Christina Mallon

Global Planning Lead

Nicky Buss

Global Project Management

Bart Etcheverry

Global R&D Director

Andy Butterworth

Global Senior Brand Manager

Denise Savoia
Emily Heath

Global Senior Consumer Market Insights Manager

Alex Harrison

Global Senior Technical Manager

Laura Hutcheon

Graphic Production Manager

Daniel Gatto

Head of Art

Fernando Rossini

Head of Social Media

Silvina Coto

Integrated Production Leader

Josefina Espil


Dany Minaker
Sebastian Tarazaga

Music studio

Perra Santa

Occupational Therapist

Michael Tranquilli

PR Director

Jessica Hartley

Product Design

SOUR Studio

Senior Account Executive

Ramiro Pannunzio
Rona Horowitz

Senior Account Supervisor

Jill Condulis

Senior Vice President

Adam Bricault
Sharelyn Devonish

Sound Post Production

Porta Studio

Strategy Lead

Aurelia Sisinni
Ronny Weter

U.S. Ass. Brand Manager

Teri Minogue

U.S. Senior Marketing Manager

Chiara Grillo

Unilever PR Agency


Vice President

Dave Brigandi

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