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2022 One Show - Creative Effectiveness

Green Instructions

Agency Ogilvy Poland / Warsaw

Client LEGO


Creative Effectiveness / Consumer / Brand

Annual ID


About the Work

In Poland 79.9% of energy is still produced using coal, so there’s a lot of education that needs to take place on climate change and the direct impact of energy sources on the environment. The country has also the most polluted air in Europe but there is zero education in schools about this important issue. Polish children have been protesting demanding to learn about the environment, but the Minister of Education statement was that “There is no need for lessons in schools on climate change”.

As a part LEGO’s new global “Rebuild the World” positioning, we created a local expression of this ambition, aimed at Poland’s growing younger population. We launched new ‘Green Instructions’ (in polish: ‘Zielone Instrukcje’), additional instructions to existing LEGO sets - which became available to turn LEGO sets into greener versions. Using LEGO bricks as a language of communication with the next generation. New instructions to turn cars into bicycles or scooters, planes into electric trains, and coal mines into electricity generating windmills. All this to educate the next generation about a brighter future.

Physical ‘Green Instructions’ were distributed in all LEGO stores in Poland (printed on recycled paper), digital versions downloadable from: . Our campaign assets were also used by off-line and e-commerce partner shops.
When the global lockdown came, we added to the campaign - online video lessons based on the same ‘Green Instructions’ led by one of the most popular Polish teachers. We made these lessons available to everyone. Soon teachers from all over the country discovered them and started using them in their own classrooms. Our message has already found its way into a large number of schools across Poland.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 9



Ogilvy Poland / Warsaw

Art Director

Maria Gościniak

Account Director, Ogilvy Poland

Mateusz Borys

Animation & AR, LocoMotive

Przemysław Drosik

Associate Digital Manager Poland, Ukraine & Baltics - LEGO

Katarzyna Śmietanka

Associate Social Media Manager Poland, Ukraine & Baltics - LEGO

Michał Maliński

Brand Director REEMEA - LEGO

Michaela Edgerley Šťovíček

CCO, Ogilvy EMEA

Stephan Vogel

CEO, Ogilvy Poland

Agnieszka Wasilewska

Creative & Client Services Partner

Konrad Koper

Development of Instructions - Adults Fan of LEGO / Organization: LUGPol

Łukasz Ogrodnik

Development of Instructions - Adults Fan of LEGO / Organization:

Piotr Machalski

Development of Instructions - Adults Fan of LEGO /

Bartłomiej Huetter
Paweł Kwil
Rafał Piasek
Robert Tyborski


Marcin Kossowski

Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Poland

Maciej Twardowski

General Manager Poland, Ukraine, Baltics - LEGO

Justyna Ciepka

Global CCO, Ogilvy Social.Lab

Pete Case

Head of Design & Content, Ogilvy Poland

Daniel Marciniak

Junior PR Account Executive, Ogilvy Poland

Małgorzata Melasa
Zuzanna Głuchowska

Marketing Director Marketing Poland, Ukraine & Baltics - LEGO

Beata Kucejko

Offline/Grading, LocoMotive

Yakiv Komarynsky

Online, LocoMotive

Joanna Rutkowska


Szymon Świętochowski

Postproduction Manager, LocoMotive

Monika Jaworska

PR Account Supervisor, Ogilvy Poland

Katarzyna Walewska-Napiórkowska


Andrea Faflíková

PR Director, Ogilvy Poland

Tomasz Cichocki

Producer, Ogilvy Poland

Aleksandra Główczyńska
Justyna Hołocińska

Project Managment Director, Ogilvy Poland

Marcelina Ścigała

Proof Leader, Ogilvy Poland

Maria Węcowska

Senior Account Manager, Event Factory

Marzena Chmiel

Senior Art Director, Ogilvy Poland

Jakub Przeszłowski

Senior Copywriter, Ogilvy Poland

Tomasz Zieliński

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Poland, Ukraine & Baltics - LEGO

Agata Czech

Senior Director Brand Development - LEGO

David Hall

Senior Event Manager

Filip Żok

Senior PR Account Executive, Ogilvy Poland

Joanna Kuźma
Paulina Kosim

SEO Copywriter, Ogilvy Poland

Gabriela Francuz

Sound, LocoMotive

Jacek Dżeksong Onaszkiewicz

Strategy Director, Ogilvy Poland

Jerzy Kurczak
Joanna Uniwersal

Trade & Digital Mkt Director REEMEA - LEGO

Petr Břoušek

Web Design, Ogilvy Poland

Paweł Jędruszczak

Web Development, Ogilvy Poland

Marek Czapiński
Przemysław Haas


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