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2022 One Show - Creative Use of Data

Earth is saying

Agency Grey Colombia / Bogota + Greenpeace Colombia / Bogota

Client Greenpeace Colombia


Real-Time Data

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About the Work

After 4.543 billion years Earth finally has its voice, with no human intervention. We created its twitter account @EarthisSaying. Then, the planet used this space to make itself heard and call humanity’s attention. Synchronizing satellites and environmental monitoring around the world, and with machine learning, we converted the data and increasing numbers on flooding, wildfires, air quality and CO2 levels into tweets, launched in real time. Earth itself, with precise information told its inhabitants about its health and invited to take action before it’s too late.
After identifying the sources of data on the different topics (floods, wildfires, air quality, temperature, and CO2 levels) and configurating the correct parameters; the algorithm determines the frequency and/or triggers that generate alarms according to the sources. According to the alert, it determines the message to be sent, tagging the people or institutions that should take action on it and the appropriate hashtags to be combined according to the matrix of predetermined configuration values. Once the process is made, it automatically sends a message from its twitter account once the alert is detected by the tool.
Developing an automated system of generation of messages tweet type based on analysis and parameterization of answers of known sources related to earth monitoring, we not only impact the environmental audience, but also generate consciousness in the new generations that are so engaged in social networks to which Greenpeace wanted to reach in a new, different, and disruptive way.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 21



Grey Colombia / Bogota

Client / Brand

Greenpeace Colombia / Bogota

Chief Creative Officer

Juan José Posada


Jhon Muñoz

Executive Creative Director

Sebastian Benitez

Music Supervisor

Gabriel Lucien

Account Director

Camila Almonacid
Jessica Moreno

Account Executive

Andrea Bohórquez

Project Manager

Maria Paula Medina


Jorge Serrano


Catalina Sotomayor
Florencia Kessler


Diego Medvedocky

Production director

Alia Hincapié

VP Creative

Curt Sebastián Mallarino

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