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2022 One Show - Creative Use of Data

The Day-After-Women's-Day Newspapers

Agency Havas Worldwide Portugal / Lisbon + Estúdio Casa da Árvore / São Paulo + Fast Forward / Lisbon + Garage Films / Lisbon

Client Raparigas da Bola


Data Visualization / Static

Annual ID


About the Work

BRIEFING: "Raparigas da Bola" (English translation: Ball Girls) is an advocacy group that fights to give more visibility to women in sports. They wanted a campaign to raise awareness about the deep-rooted inequity that exists in sports coverage. INSIGHT: A newspaper is made up of photos, articles, opinions, graphics, analysis, data, and other types of information, but in order to highlight the deep-rooted gender inequity that exists in sports coverage, we decided to use the only piece of data that really counts: the athletes’ gender. The idea was based on using this data to distinctly illustrate the disproportionate exposure given to male athletes over their female counterparts by the 3 most important sports newspapers over the 365 days of the year, not counting International Women’s Day. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PLACEMENT: In order to get traction on social media, we partnered with 50 athletes who helped to amplify the campaign with their teammates and colleagues, spreading the campaign on social media with the hashtag #ElasTambémJogam (#WomenAlsoPlay). With zero budget to work with, we printed off a humble 30 copies of the newspapers, counting on the striking power of reproducing an exact representation of each of the 3 newspapers as two-tone infographics to capture the audience’s attention. From just 30 copies of the newspapers, we were able to reach an audience 52x larger than Portugal’s biggest sports newspaper. CULTURAL BACKGROUND: Portugal is a small country with just 10 million inhabitants, and a country that lives by old values. Only ⅓ of Portugal’s professional athletes are women. Despite that, in the last European athletics championships, Portugal achieved its best result ever, winning 3 gold medals, ⅔ of which were won by female athletes. Portugal also has the world’s best female futsal goalkeeper, the 2nd best female futsal team in Europe, and the 2nd best female national hockey team in Europe, but almost 0 media exposure to female athletes.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




Havas Worldwide Portugal / Lisbon


Marta Faria

Production Company

Garage Films / Lisbon

Music / Sound Production Company

Estúdio Casa da Árvore / São Paulo

Post Production Company

Fast Forward / Lisbon

Art Director

Alexandre Meneses


Bernardo Tavares

Creative Director

Ana Torres
José Vieira


David Infante

Executive Creative Director

Paulo Pinto

Executive Producer

Miguel Varela


Beatriz Pereira

Sound Designer

Pedro Penna
Pedro Turcão

Account Director

Sérgio Resende

Motion Graphics

José Pedro

Project Manager

Claudia Costa

Art Finalist

Nuno Nascimento

Graphic Production Manager

António Fernandes

Production Director

Pedro Silva

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