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2022 One Show - Creative Use of Data

Timelapse in Google Earth

Agency Google + Google Creative Lab

Client Google


Data Visualization / Dynamic / Responsive

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Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace, but it can be difficult to understand the scale of our impact on the planet. To make environmental data accessible to all in a striking and universally understandable visualisation we set out to add an entirely new dimension to Google Earth — time. Now anyone can witness nearly four decades of planetary change on a fully explorable globe on or see our world change like never before through one of the 800+ 3D Timelapse clips we made available to download as free, ready-to-use MP4 videos that can help nonprofits, governments, and researchers to leverage this visual evidence of climate change To create Timelapse in Google Earth, we gathered more than 24 million satellite images open sourced by Nasa and the European Space Agency from 1984 to 2020. In total, it took more than 2 million processing hours in our carbon neutral, 100% renewable energy-matched data centers, to weave 20 petabytes of satellite imagery into a 4.4 terapixel-sized video mosaic — The equivalent of 530,000 videos in 4K resolution. As far as we know, Timelapse in Google Earth is the largest video on the planet, of our planet. Within a week of launch, we created a global conversation, earning over 1080 articles across mainstream consumer, business and technology outlets, with coverage landing in 84 countries and 45 languages, and more than 760 TV broadcasts globally. The launch film and our Timelapse videos have amassed 10M+ organic views on Google Earth’s YouTube channel. In collaboration with our partners, we’ll update Google Earth annually with new Timelapse imagery throughout the next decade. We hope that this perspective of the planet will ground debates, encourage discovery and shift perspectives about our most pressing global issues.

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