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2022 One Show - Design

The Lyrics, Paul McCartney

Agency Liveright / W. W. Norton & Company / New York

Client Liveright / W. W. Norton & Company


Editorial / Books

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About the Work

The Lyrics is a work of unparalleled candor and beauty. It celebrates the creative life and the musical genius of Paul McCartney through 154 of his most meaningful songs. The publication is a two-volume boxed set designed throughout. Our brief was to design a slipcase for both volumes, book jackets, book boards, and full interior spreads for two separate print editions: The first: a widely available standard edition. The second: a premium signed limited edition. The interiors would be the same, but the exterior designs needed to stand out from each other with two uniquely powerful designs. The standard edition aimed to separate itself in the traditional bookselling marketplace, while the limited edition needed to feel like an unparalleled publication with museum quality attention to detail as there were only 150 of these printed and signed for the US market, and 150 for the UK market. We set out to create a confident, elegant, lively package that honored the bold nature of McCartney’s monumental influence in our culture. In both editions of the book, we used eye-catching colors, custom designed typography, handwriting from Paul’s personal notebooks, and rich production finishes to achieve the look. We wanted the experience of looking at this package to feel like you were getting deeper into Paul’s mind as you peeled off the layers from the clean typographic exterior to the grungy raw book boards. The spreads are designed to ensure legibility while infusing you with energy and excitement. Each song is beautifully set like poetry and complimented by a wide array of photographs and text paced out to imbue the rhythm to a story that is like no other.

2022 Awards

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Liveright / W. W. Norton & Company / New York

Exterior Art Director

Steve Attardo

Interior Art Director

Anna Oler


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