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2022 One Show - Design

The Sensory Auction

Agency BBDO / New York

Client Bacardi Bombay Sapphire


Spatial Design / Experiential & Immersive

Annual ID


About the Work

Bombay has a global platform of Stir Creativity and a rich history in making art part of the brand. To continue this tradition, the Sensory Auction set out to democratize the art world by creating an entirely new bidding system for art. For too long the rich have dominated the art world, and the bidding process meant the most desired pieces always went to the person with the biggest wallet. The Sensory Auction changed this by allowing people to bid with their senses, instead of money. To do this, we connected with scientists, Volvox technology labs and used neuroaesthetic principles (the study of how our brains and senses react to external stimuli). To create a sensory bid, we placed on people an EEG monitor to measure their brainwaves and find their emotional state - happy, sad, engaged, scared etc. Combined with this was a galvanic skin response machine to record the sweat of their fingertips, which tells the intensity of the emotion someone is feeling. And finally their pupil size was measured as they looked at the artwork because the pupil expands when it sees something it deems pleasurable. This was then synthesized into a single number and became the ‘sensory bid’ of that participant. At Lume Galleries in NYC, 30 participants each provided their Sensory Bid while looking at a sculpture from renowned artist, Dan Lam. With her work regularly generating over $10,000 sales, this was many people’s only chance to own her work. From the 30 participants, the bidder was found with the strongest sensory reaction showing pleasure and they were awarded the piece of art.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




BBDO / New York

Production Company


Editorial Company


Chief Creative Officer

David Lubars

Creative Director

Barney Spiro
Harriet Ronn

Executive Creative Director

Alex Booker
Philip Sicklinger

Executive Producer

Alex Gianni
Jessica Cocarro

Social Media Manager

Griselda Sanchez



Director, PR

Erika Lam

North America Brand Ambassador

Ryan Wainwright

Senior Brand Manager

Sonya Perez Wesley

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