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2022 One Show - Direct Marketing

Salla 2032

Agency Africa / São Paulo

Client House of Lapland


Non-traditional & Guerrilla Marketing

Annual ID


About the Work

Global Warming, as the name says, is a Global Problem. We hijacked the biggest global event of the year. A crazy idea with a serious message.

We launched an unlikely bid: one of the coldest cities in the world as a Candidate City for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games.

The objective of the campaign was to generate awareness
So, we've followed all of the required application steps of real submission. This included creating a bid film, a logo, a bid book, a swag store, sports pictograms, a mascot.
Among other materials.

Salla 2032 instantly spread across the globe in a call to action to raise awareness on how every person and company can help to fight climate change by becoming more sustainable and doing their part. Not just to keep Salla cold, icy, and snowy, but also to stop Climate Emergencies from becoming inevitable all around the planet.

Phenomenal response, including the Former President of Finland, Greta Thunberg, Anitta, and many other celebrities sharing organically. 59 Embassies of Finland around the world sharing the idea. Inspired numerous parodies - Antarctic 2032, Oymyakon 2036, Siberia 2036, among others. Enabled us to focus conversation online and capture the attention of people all around the world.

People from China to Paraguay, from all walks of life, were talking about and sharing this crazy idea with a serious message. Some wanted to buy merchandise. Others wanted a poster.

With zero paid media, the discussion about Global Warming gained the headlines.
The Meltwater tracker revealed that 1237 news have been published in 118 countries.
7,586 billion media impressions.
Earned Media Value: $157MM (US)
879% Increase in Conversation About Global Warming on Social Media. Reaching over 226 million users.
Salla became the most mentioned city on Twitter, during three weeks with 1.2MM mentions.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 45



Africa / Sao Paulo

Production Company

Triatoma / Primo Content

Music / Sound Production Company

Satélite Audio

Post Production Company

Warriors VFX


Nicholas Bergantin

Chief Creative Officer

Sergio Gordilho

Chief Technology Officer

Fabio Palma

Creative Director

Nicholas Bergantin
Rodrigo Adam

Creative Technologist

Valerio Oliveira


Santi Dulce

Director of Photography

Gabriel Bianchini

Executive Creative Director

Matias Menendez

Executive Producer

Renan Chagas


Aldo Pini

Digital Strategy

Carol Patrocinio

Project Manager

Leandro Gomes

2D Mascot Animation

Marco Nick

3D Mascot

Carol Taffarel

Agency Producers

Juarez Lima
Rodrigo Ferrari

art e content

Luis Félix

Bid Book Designer

Thais Trizoli

Color Grading

Fernando Lui

Community Managers

Aline Khoury
Carolina Camila


Norte Produtora de Arte

Digital Production Director

Fernando Tolusso

Director of Special Projects

Juliana Leite
Monique Lima

Fixer/Location Manager

Timo Tuuha

Live Producer

Mascot Character Modeler

Tales da Rocha

Mascot Concept & Character Design

Marmota vs milky

public relations

Carina Miranda
Fabiana Antacli
Valerie Silverman Kerr

Sound Track & Sound Design (Bid film)

Guilherme Francischi

Special Projects

Lica de Souza
Aline Saraiva
Caio Rodrigues
Fernando Alonso
Isabela Levy
Julia Newman
Thays Miranda

Sustainability & Institutional Relations

Raphae Vandystadt

Tech Lead

Valerio Oliveira

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