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2022 One Show - Experiential & Immersive


Agency Area 23, An IPG Health Company / New York



Brand Installations

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Social Bullets is an experiment created to show parents the dangers of the Internet by replicating 24 hours in a typical American students' life on social media. We transformed a shooting range into a metaphor for social media. At one end, the dark anonymous hole of the Internet. At the other end, posters representing real-life targets of hate—teenagers who have suffered one of the 4 most common forms of cyberbullying: culture shaming, body shaming, sex shaming, and grade shaming. Our algorithm controlled the shooting range. For every 233 bullying posts it detected, the range fired a bullet into a specific poster, representing one attempted suicide, statistically speaking. We held special presentations in virtual learning sessions at local Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings to show the experiment to parents. These educational sessions were hosted via Zoom by Kirk Smalley, president of Stand for the Silent. He was joined by cyberbullying survivors who shared their own experience to help parents navigate this online world.

2022 Awards

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Area 23, An IPG Health Company / New York

Client / Brand

Kazoo / Washington DC
Stand for the Silent / Perkins

Production Company

The Youth / Curitiba
Daisy Cutter / Coppell USA

Music / Sound Production Company

Jamute / São Paulo

Post Production Company

Studio RX, An IPG Health Network Company / New York


Victor Afonso

Chief Creative Officer

Fred Levron
Tim Hawkey


Efraim Klein

Executive Creative Director

Elliot Langerman
Marcus Kawamura

Group Creative Director

Eduardo Tavares

User Experience Designer

Peter Mylonas

User Interface Designer

Bill Hanff

Illustration Studio

Black Madre / São Paulo
Lamano Studio / Santiago


Aaron Stack

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