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2022 One Show - Film

Uber Don't Eats

Agency Special / Los Angeles + Uber Eats / San Francisco

Client Uber Eats


Online Films & Video / Varying Length Series

Annual ID


About the Work

When Uber Eats wanted to announce that they were expanding their delivery services beyond restaurant food, there was a problem – their name was Uber EATS. Calling yourself “Eats” makes a whole lot of sense if you’re delivering a burger and fries, but a whole lot less sense if you want people to know you can deliver batteries or light bulbs or diapers. So, rather than run from the confusion, we embraced it. We created an announcement campaign that was born from the logic bomb that our name created. We called it “Uber Don’t Eats.” The campaign asks a question that no consumer would ask themselves, but every consumer would find hilariously memorable: “If it was delivered with Uber Eats, does that mean I can EATS it?” We brought this confusion to life with the help of a range of celebrities that would help us connect with every corner of culture. Jennifer Coolidge, Nicholas Brawn (AKA Cousin Greg), Trevor Noah, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth was kind enough to take a bite out of her very own “Vagina Candle” to help us set Twitter ablaze. When all was said and done, the campaign garnered over 5 billion+ in reach, was covered by everyone from Jimmy Kimmel to Good Morning America, was reposted by Ariana Grande to her 265 million followers, had the US Government tweeting to remind people that dish soap isn’t food, and most importantly made Uber Eats new offerings absolutely clear to everyone. Even the prestigious Kellogg’s School of Business thought our dumb joke was pretty smart by awarding us the most effective Super Bowl ad of 2022.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 21



Special / Los Angeles

Client / Brand

Uber Eats / San Francisco

Production Company

Gifted Youth

Media Distribution Company


Art Director

Kris Wixom

Chief Marketing Officer

Thomas Ranese

Creative Director

Jon Marshall
Claus Hansen


Jake Syzmanski

Director of Photography

Ken Seng

Executive Creative Director

Dave Horton
Matthew Woodhams-Roberts

Account Director

Lindsay Friedgood
Caitlin Miller

Account Executive

Molly Dyer

Associate Creative Director

Alyssa Cavanaugh
Ryan Siepert

Chief Executive Officer

Cade Heyde

Global Executive Creative Director

Danielle Hawley

Head of Production

Esther Perls

Senior Producer

Chelsea Larner
Jessica Mann

Strategy Director

Janet Shih

Assistant Mixer

Marco Tornillo
Andrew Smith

Associate Creative Director, Design

Alex Lumain

Brand & Campaigns Lead, US & CAN

Meredith Savatsky

Brand Media Lead

Gracie Childress

Creative Producer

Alexis Bley
Emily Senecal

Director of Global Production

Carey Head


The Den Editorial

Flame Lead

Claus Hansen

Global Creative Director

Natalie Purbrick
Ecole Weinstein

Global Head of Brand

Shivram Vaideswaran

Global Head of Social & Influencers

Suzanne Lindbergh

Head of Business Affairs

Rashad Suarez
LaTanya Ware

Head of Marketing US & Can

Georgie Jefferys

Head of Strategy

Kelsey Hodgkin

Mix/Sound Designer

Jordan Meltzer

Senior Consumer Communications Manager

Lexi Levin Mitchel

Senior Cutting Assistant

James Bird

Senior Cutting Assitant

Nic Watkins

Senior Marketing Manager

Liza Keller
Stephanie Laurin

Talent Manager

Matt Delzell
Keli Christy




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