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2022 One Show - Film

Boys Do Cry

Agency The Hallway / Sydney + Uncanny Valley / Sydney + Good Oil / Sydney + GOTCHA4LIFE FOUNDATION



Online Films & Video / Long Form - Single

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About the Work

Australia is facing a “Mental Health Epidemic” and men in particular are doing it tough. But men are notoriously reluctant to reach out for help and talk about their feelings when they’re struggling. Instead, they try to “man up” and keep their problems to themselves. The consequences of this are horrifying: every day in Australia an average of seven men take their own life, making male suicide Australia’s #1 public health problem. Our objective is to begin to normalise men talking about what they’re going through and seeking help when they need it. If we can achieve this, we will save lives.
If men in Australia find it so hard to talk about their feelings and ask for help, it’s because our traditional narrative of masculinity says that men have to be strong, that men keep a stiff upper lip in the face of adversity, that they DON’T ask for help when they’re struggling, that they DON’T talk about their feelings, that Boys DON’T Cry. We set out to help free men from this suffocating and dangerous narrative by turning these DON’T’s into DOs, transforming The Cure’s iconic single Boys Don’t Cry into Boys Do Cry - an anthem to help stop male suicide.
With the blessing of Robert Smith and The Cure, we rewrote the lyrics, with indigenous Australian artist Dallas Woods contributing a rap inspired by his experiences with suicide in his community. We brought together a diverse group of men aged 12 to 75 representing Australia’s broad multicultural population to perform the song, and created a 3:48 film that lands our campaign line: WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, GET TALKING.

2022 Awards

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The Hallway / Sydney

Client / Brand

Gotcha4life Foundation

Production Company

Good Oil / Sydney

Music / Sound Production Company

Uncanny Valley / Sydney
Mighty Sound / Sydney

Post Production Company

Arc Edit / Sydney

Media Distribution Company


Art Director

Iain MacMillan


Tim Wood


Tom Campbell


Phoebe Taylor

Executive Creative Director

Simon Lee

Executive Producer

Jennifer Cummins
Sam Long

Account Director

Chris Murphy

Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Troy

Music Producer

Justin Shave

Audio Post

Matt Perrott


Chris Freel
Jules Hall
Melissa Fienne


Olivier Fontenay

Comms Strategist

Mat Rawnsley

Copywriter & Singer

Dallas Woods

Creative Director/Art Director

Aldo Ferretto

Director, Client Advice & Management

Danielle Galipienzo


Sam Chiplin

Film Producer

Carolyn Starkey


Gus Worland

Head of Industry Partnerships

Saarika Shah

Head of Initiative Impact & Senior Director of Strategy

Jason Maggs

Head of Marketing & Communications

Savannah Fielder

Head of Strategy

Tim Mottau

Impact Coordinator

Harrison Lochtenberg

Impact Producer

Jackie Turnure

Music Supervision

Charlton Hill

Musical Director/Arranger

Cameron Bruce


Hannah Watkins

Social Media Coordinator

Abbey Cummins

Website Designer / Developer

Elle Williams

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