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2022 One Show - Health & Wellness

Tough Turban

Agency Zulu Alpha Kilo / Toronto + Pfaff Harley-Davidson / Toronto + Zulubot / Toronto

Client Pfaff Harley-Davidson



Annual ID


About the Work

In Canada, motorcycles account for 11% of motor vehicle fatalities and 12% of serious injuries despite making up only 3% of vehicles on the road. Canada also has the second largest Sikh population in the world. In several provinces across Canada, Sikh communities have successfully advocated for religious exemptions to motorcycle helmet laws. For some riders, this creates a difficult choice between the protection offered by a helmet and the deep significance of a Turban to the Sikh identity. With all the technological advances in the world of protective gear, nobody should have to choose between safety and their identity. In ancient times, Sikh warriors would go into battle with chain mail woven into the fabric of their turbans. This provided protection without violating religious tenets. It sparked our thinking: Why couldn’t a modern-day equivalent be created to provide protection while riding? With the wellbeing of this community of riders in mind, Pfaff Harley-Davidson leveraged the latest innovations in protective gear to create the Tough Turban. Tough Turban is a marriage of ancient traditions and modern, high-tech engineering. It’s a turban made of impact-resistant materials that also fully respects the requirements of the Sikh faith. The chainmail worn by historical Sikh Warriors was adapted for modern times through a matrix of small, 3D-printed armoured plates. Another layer of protection came in the form of non-Newtonian foam, which starts out soft and pliable but hardens when force is applied, dispersing impact to protect the rider. We added tear and abrasion resistance with DYNEEMA® composite fabric, a material used in military-grade bulletproof clothing. Together, these layers of protection empower Sikh riders to protect who they are. The Tough Turban designs are open-source, allowing any manufacturer to create similar reinforced turbans for riders in their region, with the potential to benefit millions of riders worldwide.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 9



Zulu Alpha Kilo / Toronto


Brandon Durmann
Melanie Somerville

Client / Brand

Pfaff Harley-Davidson / Toronto

Production Company

zulubot / Toronto

Chief Creative Officer

Zak Mroueh

Creative Director

Zak Mroueh


Jeff Watkins


Barbara Shearer

Director of Photography

James Arthurs

Executive Producer

Tom Evans

Head of Production

Adam Palmer

Line Producer

Colleen Allen

Motion Graphics

Ashlee Mitchell

Account Team

Rob Feightner
Matt Sinuita
David Trembley
Karla Ramirez
Allison Diaz Mercado

ACD Art Director

Vic Bath

ACD Writer

Dan Cummings

Audio Engineer

Dino Cuzzolino

Head of Design

Stephanie Yung

Online Artist

Felipe Chaparro

PR Team

Jacki Nelson Shilletto
Andrew Findlater

Product Design

Sparks Innovation

Web Design

Jacqui Lau
Kesia Payne


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