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2022 One Show - Health & Wellness


Agency HEREZIE / Paris + Rehab / London

Client Pill-ID


Online & Mobile

Annual ID


About the Work

The aim of Pill-ID isn’t to stop young people using (that would be utopic), but to put tech at the service of good, to help reduce drug overdoses and save lives. Pill-ID combines the tech of machine learning, tenserflow (Google technology) and the Nuit Blanche database, to help people and emergency services quickly identify MDMA. By scanning a pill and searching by color or symbol, it can rapidly identify a drug and evaluate the risk, before or during an overdose, allowing them to work more quickly and more effectively. The use of Pill-ID is free of charge for the use and completely anonymous. In post-pandemic Europe “returning to normal” means festivals and parties so hard drug use is a very important subject. MDMA is on the increase, as are 1000s of fake versions, whose design, shapes and effects constantly change. The Nuit Blanche database tracks drugs in circulation. Understanding the effects and sharing info in real time could help prevent overdoses and provide ER with useful info. The beta version of the app was presented to groups of students, event organizers and members of ER services. They all saw an unprecedented interest in a context where hard drug use continues to cause damage. Pill-ID will initially be launched locally to help emergency services quickly identify drugs circulating in their area. Long-term, the idea is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to use the app, particularly young people so they can identify what they’re about to take and be warned of the risks involved.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




Herezie / Paris

Digital Agency

Rehab / London

Creative Director

Neil Cooper

Executive Creative Director

Etienne Renaux
Paul Marty

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Stillacci
Rob Bennett

Art Director / Copywriter

Natan Ritaly
Raphael Sold

Full Stack Developer

Tautvydas Pocius

Head of Strategy & Design

James Penfold

Midweight Digital Designer

Alicja Czarnecka

QA Manager

Claire Ang

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