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2022 One Show - Interactive & Mobile Craft

Drawn Closer

Agency 180LA / Los Angeles + Cox Communications / Atlanta

Client Cox Communications


Visual Craft / Animation

Annual ID


About the Work

COX Communications is a cable and internet company whose mission is to help people have more real, human connections. Yet to many of its customers, COX is just the provider they’re stuck with, not a brand that shares their values.

To strengthen COX's relationship with its customers, we sought to improve overall brand sentiment and trust in a highly commoditized (and negatively perceived) space. Showing people that COX is not just a number you call when service is down at home, but a brand you can count on when human connection is down in society. Our brief was to create bold, real-world solutions that bring Cox’s brand purpose to life by providing real, human connection where it’s needed most.

So, when COVID-19 cancelled Thurman White Middle School’s play, we reimagined it as an animated film. We partnered with an Academy Award winning director and used facial tracking technology to turn middle school students into voice actors and performers. Each student got the chance to see themselves as an animated character designed just for them, and express themselves creatively for the first time in a year. They also got to experience the milestone of performing with classmates again, all from the safety of their own homes.

The result was Drawn Closer, a heartfelt story of a play in trouble, and a drama class determined to save it. In the film, it's the opening night of Thurman White Middle School’s play and everything seems to be going wrong. From technical hiccups, to wardrobe malfunctions, to a star stuck at home with a (literal) broken leg, no one knows how it will all come together. Through teamwork and technical ingenuity, the students of Thurman White manage to pull off a miracle – after all, the show must go on. As the credits roll, we reveal side-by-side shots of the real kids next to their animated characters.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 45



180LA / Los Angeles

Client / Brand

Cox Communications / Atlanta

Production Company

Nexus Studios / Los Angeles

Art Director

Arvid Harnqvist

Chief Creative Officer

Al Moseley


Patrick Osborne

Executive Creative Director

Mike Bokman

Group Creative Director

Jason Rappaport


Mauricio Barreda

Head of Production

Bryan Sweeney

Managing Director

Megan McDonnell

Senior Art Director

Elizabeth Lay

Director, Brand Strategy & New Media

Rachel Negretti

Head of Strategy

Kaleen Ogden

Senior Brand Manager

Morgan Theis

Senior Manager, Marketing

Brittany Tyner

Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy

Gaston Vaneri

Social Media & Content Marketing

Roger Jones

Vice President, Brand Strategy & Consumer Insights

Brian Stifel

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