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2022 One Show - Interactive & Mobile Craft

The Academic | Google Slides Experience

Agency BBDO / New York

Client Capitol Records


Innovation & Transformation / Innovation in Interactive & Mobile Craft

Annual ID


About the Work

When ‘The Academic’ asked us to launch their new single, we set out to give their fans a one-of-a-kind live experience, from the safety of their homes. To do this we created a collaborative, frame by frame, live animated music video, within Google Slides. We discovered that when you make a change in Google Slides it updates for anyone in the document almost instantly and figured we could use this to create low framerate animation, by having a team of people work in the document in real time. After crafting a story utilizing unique google features, we assigned each action to a live animator, and rehearsed endlessly to sync everyone up. Once the music started, our animators typed, drew shapes, added, and deleted pages and images, and dropped in gifs in sync with the song. All In front of a live audience of fans who freely moved around the document.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 9



BBDO / New York

Digital Agency

Open The Portal

Production Company

Bowstring Studios

Music / Sound Production Company

Capitol Records


Benner Rawley

Chief Creative Officer

David Lubars

Creative Director

Bart Mol
Pol Hoenderboom


Alex Lubars

Product Manager

Alia Aldeghather

Band Manager

Carl Brogan


Stephen Murtagh


Dean Gavin

General Manager

Tom Paul


Matthew Murtagh

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Craig Fitzgerald

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