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2022 One Show - Interactive & Mobile Craft

The Cost of Bullying

Agency Cheil PengTai / Beijing + Cheil / Hong Kong

Client Samsung


UX / UI / User Experience / CX / DX

Annual ID


About the Work

In China, online gaming has exploded.
But so has bullying.
1-in-2 gamers have at some point been bullied when playing online.
Samsung wanted to tackle this toxic behaviour head on.

There’s a real cost to bullying.
Which made us think:
When gamers bully, shouldn’t THEY pay the price?

THE COST OF BULLYING. When gamers bully, they pay the price.


Working with one of the country’s biggest game developers, we hacked ‘Magic Quest’—the biggest game of the year and China’s equivalent to ‘World of Warcraft’.
A key part of the game are in-game purchases—for weapons, armour and power-ups.
So we made bullies pay for their actions, quite literally.
We linked the game’s ‘Abusive Language Detection System’ to the pricing database.
Every time the system detected any sign of bullying, it raised the price.
So the more gamers bullied, the more they paid.
All in real-time. All within the game.

The hacked game gave bullies a real wake-up call.
During the two-week hijack, over one million bullies paid the price.
With reports of in-game bullying falling by 40%.
Making this China’s most successful anti-bullying drive to date.
The message was loud and clear:
There’s a cost to bullying.
And now when gamers bully, they pay the price.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




Cheil PengTai / Beijing
Cheil / Hong Kong


Paul Chan
Wilson Ang

Chief Creative Officer

Paul Chan

Creative Director

Timothy Tian

Executive Creative Director

Kimmy Liu

Group Creative Director

Wilson Ang

Account Director

Cherry Lan


Melody Zhang
Yining Yin

Senior Art Director

Edmond Leung

Business VP

Larry Sun

Game BD Manager

Wei Du

Game Operation Group Leader

DooYoung Jang

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