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2022 One Show - Integrated

Keep it Real Meals

Agency DAVID / Madrid + DAVID / Miami + BURGER KING / Miami + Caviar / Los Angeles

Client Burger King


Integrated Branding Campaign

Annual ID


About the Work

In 2020, McDonald's launched celebrity meals, a limited edition of their signature orders with their names: the Travis Scott Meal, the JBalvin Meal, the Saweetie Meal, the BTS Meal. Something that got the whole world talking.

However, a small but important detail escaped McDonald's: these are not the real names of the artists.

Travis Scott: Jacques Bermon Webster II
JBalvin: José Osorio
Saweetie: Diamonte Harper
BTS: Kim, Suga, Jeon, Kim, Kim Nam, Park, Jung.

So, we thought: why don't we launch our own Celebrity Meals, but removing everything artificial, just like we did with our food?

We partnered with three celebrities: Nelly, Anitta, Lil Huddy, and used their real names to promote our real food: the Cornell Haynes Jr. meal, the Larissa Machado meal, and the Chase Hudson meal.

Our celebrity meals with 100% real food and 100% real names, were available in every Burger King across the USA. We removed the artificial names from our artists' social networks and even at the VMA Music Awards. This captured the attention of the country achieving 7 million social mentions, 1.7 billion impressions, etc.

So, while they keep it artificial... we'll keep it 100% real.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 9



DAVID / Madrid
DAVID / Miami

Client / Brand

Burger King / Miami

Production Company

Caviar / Los Angeles

Art Director

Felipe Antonioli


Luis Giraldo

Chief Creative Officer

Pancho Cassis
Rafael Donato

Creative Director

Fred Bosch

Director of Photography

Adam Bricker

Executive Creative Director

And´ré Toledo
Saulo Rocha


Tomas Diego

Account Director

Chad Cadelina

Associate Creative Director

Alex Fox
Chris Serrano

Business Affairs Manager

Elizabeth Torriente

Chief Operating Officer

Sylvia Panico

Senior Producer

Valeria Maldini

Associate Account Executive

Miguel Barriga Saens
Regina Sanquintin

Associate Strategy Director

Mel Lopez

Global Chief Strategy Officer

Paula Vampre

Group Account Director

Stefane Rosa

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