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2022 One Show - Interactive, Online & Mobile



Client Newtown Action Alliance


Online & Mobile Video / Online-only Video - Single

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About the Work

Background Gun violence is a pressing issue in the U.S. with more than one mass shooting a day. An issue that turns the country into a war zone. On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, Newtown Action Alliance aimed to raise awareness about the devastating impact that gun violence has on the daily life of every American. Note for the jury: When U.S soldiers return from a war zone, traditionally they surprise their loved ones with their return. This highly emotional moment is captured in a "homecoming" video. Shared online, many of the videos move viewers to tears. Idea #NotComingHome”, a Social Media initiative which highlights the devastating impact that gun violence has on the daily lives of every American. Execution Following the traditional homecoming videos that have dominated the internet for years which show soldiers returning home from combat in the U.S. military, “#NotComingHome" depicts a family torn apart by the loss of their child to gun violence. Though this film only portrays one example, the organization works with hundreds of families affected by gun violence and survivors who have been directly impacted by gun violence. CNN covered the entire film on primetime news on National Gun Violence Awareness Day and instantly made it the main topic of the country. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and other representatives had it trending on Twitter. Activist Fred Guttenberg, who lost his 14-year-old Daughter in the Parkland massacre, promoted #notcominghome on the media. Actress Alyssa Milano and many more prominent figures shared the film, bringing the topic of gun violence prevention back into discussion in every U.S. State.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




Saint Elmo's / Hamburg

Digital Agency


PR / Marketing Agency

DiGennaro Communications / New York

Production Company


Music / Sound Production Company

California Music / Los Angeles

Post Production Company

Katalyst Productions / Philadelphia


Martin Krejčí


Filip Malasek

Account Director

Ann-Kathrin Frohloff

Global Chief Creative Officer

Alex Schill

Head of Production

Sheila Eisenstein

Line Producer

Vincent Terrazino

Managing Director

Dennis Wachter
Peter Gocht

Music Composer

Kristian Nord
Malte Hagemeister

Senior Art Director

Tudor Cucu

Senior Copywriter

Martin Gillen

Account Director PR

Sabrina Alberti-Hager

Account Manager

Lennard Bahr

Casting Company

Alyson Horn Casting / Los Angeles


Po Murray

Co-production company

Ruffian / Los Angeles

Creative Director Art

Sön Becker

Creative Director Text

Eduard Hörner

Film Production Company Partner

nhb NXT / Hamburg

General Manager

Christoph Köhler

Global Creative Strategist

Maximilian Schöngen


MPC / London

Grading Operator

Jean Clement

Gun Safety Advocoate

Fred Guttenberg

Head of Experience Design

Benjamin Sauer

Intern Art

Amanda Julin
Evelina Karlsson

International Communications Officer

Lee Sharrock

Junior PR & Content Consultant

Alena Hermann

Managing Creative Partner

Leif Johannsen
Patrick Matthiensen

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Patrizia Caruselli

Managing Partner

Lars Holling

Music & Entertainment Consultancy

Spark Marketing Entertainment / Hamburg

Music Research & Negotiation

Kathrin Heinemann
Matthias Bauss

Senior Motion Designer / Head of Film

Dennis Fritz

Senior PR & Content Consultant

Birgit Koch

Sound Mix Operator

Vladimír Chorvatovič

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