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2022 One Show - IP & Products

Soulfuel™️ Safe Lamp™️

Agency Joe Public United / Johannesburg

Client Chicken Licken


Innovation & Transformation / Innovation in IP & Products

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About the Work

South Africa has over 3200 recorded informal settlements, with around 1.3 million informal households that are home to almost 5 million people. Unfortunately, these informal settlements face a very real problem. Shack fires. Informal settlements in South Africa experience around 6 000 fires a year. Taking hundreds of lives and leaving thousands of people homeless. People living in extreme poverty can’t afford electricity or simply just don’t have access to it. This means that they often turn to the most affordable forms of warmth, cooking, and light, an open flame. However, while affordable, they are also the most dangerous with the two biggest causes of shack fires being homemade paraffin lamps and fallen candles. Introducing the Soulfuel™️ Safe Lamp™️. A free refillable and reusable lamp, distributed from our stores as a safer alternative to the homemade and cheaper forms of light. Designed with 5 safety features to prevent oil from being spilled and ignited and reduce the risk of devastating shack fires.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 21



Joe Public United / Johannesburg

Chief Creative Officer

Pepe Marais
Xolisa Dyeshana

Creative Director

Martin Schlumpf

Product Designer

Brett Collier

Account Management

Amber Mackeurtan
Asbo Ofori-Amanfo

Brand Representative

Chantel Sombonos Van Tonder

Production Manager

Manuel Lopes


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