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2022 One Show - IP & Products

Project Huey

Agency Google Brand Studio APAC / Sydney + Signality / Stockholm + Stab Mag / Byron Bay + R/GA / Sydney

Client Google


Experimental / Internal Projects / R&D

Annual ID


About the Work

Huey aims to remove unconscious bias from judges in surfing. Surfers of a particular age, gender, status looks or even nationality might be judged beyond their performance. This tool creates metrics for evaluating the skill of a surfer on aspects that are factual. Judges can compare exact values on how high a surfer rose from a wave, how vertical they were and how much they rotated – and close the gaps of uncertainty our unconscious biases can hide in. The tool itself is the first of its kind, and has been built on the Tensorflow platform with training data gathered specifically for this project. Huey is the result of a small group of passionate creatives, engineers and surfers with a limited budget and resources. It ultimately seeks to erase bias from sports, one wave at a time.

While Project Huey was developed for surf competition judging, the scalability into other, and mostly less complex sports, is the logical next step. Besides the implied long-term outcome of freeing sports judging from biases, Huey aims to start a bigger conversation. A conversation about what humans are good at, what machines are good at - and how we can maximise these strengths. We found ourselves in an advertising landscape where robots dance, machines paint and algorithms write poems. Project Huey looks to innovate on where we choose to innovate and how we use technology for what. We hope that Project Huey will become a role model

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




Signality / Stockholm
R/GA / Sydney

Internal / In-House Agency

Google Brand Studio APAC / Sydney

Media Distribution Company

Stab Mag / Byron Bay

Creative Technologist

Blake Kus
Shuhei Iitsuka
David Arcus


Erin Tsuchiya


Jihye Lee
Seamus Higgins
Ben Miles
Shaun O'Connor
Joel Cruz
Tom Bird
Mikael Rousson
Dimitrios Scoutas
Sam McIntosh

Head of Production

Simone Takasaki

Creative Head

Tara McKenty

Executive Technology Director

Ciaran Park

Head of Brand Studio

Claudia Cristovao

Head of Strategy

Kazuha Okuda

Production Director

Celia Karl

R&D Lead

David Habrman

Senior Visual Designer

Henry Cook

Technical Project Manager

Frederik Fridborn


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