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2022 One Show - Moving Image Craft

The Walk

Agency The Martin Agency / Richmond + Unilever / London

Client Unilever / AXE


Production Design

Annual ID


About the Work

As the world’s definition of attraction expanded and evolved, AXE was mired in the mud of its misogynistic advertisements of the past. To pop itself out of this predicament, the brand needed a modern, diverse and open ad that showcased how attraction should be: Mutual. Enter “The Walk.” Colorful and brazenly up for attraction from anyone (or any dog), “The Walk” puts this palatable—maybe even delicious (shirtless frankfurter anyone?)—depiction of attraction in the spotlight. Proudly proclaiming that when you open up to the world, the world opens back up to you. Inspired by meme and internet culture, the spot is layered—and layered again—with both in-your-face and hidden oddities. Each scene is brimming with meant-to-be memed bits atop emoji-esque eggplants and anime. All carefully crafted for Gen Z’s hearty appetite for rewatchability. With a smattering of inside jokes that go over mom’s head, but def not her kid's (#banger). Witnessing this bounty of internet-y layers, a kid even wrote a college paper about it. A blaring announcement that AXE is ready to jump on the modern attraction playground, the spot highlights how love and lust flirt along a wide spectrum, unbound by the binary. As a final sprinkle of sugar, the film is electrically paired with the optimistic bop of rapper Jordan Dennis’ “Crumbs,” pushing the song up the charts. Overall, “The Walk” is the ad AXE didn’t realize it needed 20 years ago.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




The Martin Agency / Richmond

Client / Brand

Unilever / London

Art Director

Andrea Batlló


Eleanor Fialk

Chief Creative Officer

Danny Robinson

Creative Director

Mik Manulik


Henry Scholfield

Director of Photography

Carlos Ritter

Executive Creative Director

Ashley Davis Marshall

Executive Producer

Jen Beitler

Senior Art Director

Rahim Masunu

Senior Copywriter

Dave Ashton

Senior Integrated Producer

Stefanie Kaspari

Senior Producer

Matt Culmer


Miguel Cervera
Nina Durá

Account/Senior Project Manager

Katie Hanson

Assistant Brand Manager Axe/Lynx

Christian Barron

Associate Design Director

Thiago Elias

Audio Producer

Ashleigh Henderson

Chief Strategy Officer

Elizabeth Paul

Financial Affairs Manager

Missy Walker

Global Brand Development Axe/Lynx

Inês Leitão Henriques

Global Brand Director Axe/Lynx

Caroline Gregory

Global Brand Manager Axe/Lynx

William Humphries

Global Business Director

Federico Duberti

Global VP Axe/Lynx Brand

Mc Gasco-Buisson

Group Account Director

Gillian Merrill

Junior Art Director

Jesse Lane

Junior Content Producer

Rachel Bensinger

Local VFX Supervisor

Ivan Lopez

Production Manager

Daphne Do
Nacho Piñar

Senior Account Manager

Kathryn Walker

Senior Business Affairs Manager

Michelle Fink

Senior Content Producer

Adrienne Daniel

Senior Global Brand Manager Axe/Lynx

Marco Montanaro

Senior Regional Advertising & Amplification Producer Axe/Lynx

Margaret Chudy

Senior Regional Advertising Producer, North America Axe/Lynx

Arlene Fernandez

Senior Strategic Planner

Stuart Hayhurst

Strategic Planning Director

Taylor Wiegert

SVP, Head of Integrated Production

Tasha Dean

SVP/Director, Business, Legal, Financial Affairs

Dusty Slowik

SVP/Global Managing Director

Britta Dougherty

VP / Executive Content Producer

Pamela Mahan


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