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2022 One Show - Music & Sound Craft

The Lil Jif Project

Agency PSOne / New York + The J.M. Smucker Company / Orrville

Client Jif


Artist / Brand Collaboration

Annual ID


About the Work

How do you unite old and new generations of rap together? By partnering with a legendary old school artist to rap an original track with a mouthful of Jif Peanut Butter. But let’s start at the beginning… Through social listening, we stumbled on the link between today’s rappers (often referred to as “mumble rappers”) and peanut butter. Many people were saying it sounded like new artists were rapping with a mouthful of peanut butter. With a little digging, it was clear that the comments stemmed from a difference in generational preference. So we had an idea: What if we brought Ludacris out of a six-year hiatus to write and record a track with a mouthful of Jif Peanut Butter? This track became the centrepiece of the film “The Return.” “Butter.ATL” is an original track by Ludacris that took listeners and fans by complete surprise. Rather than rap with his usual articulation and flow, he created a track that was more in line with the rappers of today – he switched from his usual lyrical rhymes to unclear vocal deliveries, giving it a new school (mumbled), peanut butter sound. The chorus is sung with autotune, a prominent vocal effect used by today’s generation (but not often touched by his old-school peers). These are all layered over a slow-tempo trap beat – a true departure from his traditional roots. It was this change of style that had old generations and new coming together to agree that his new flow was dope. It’s not easy to completely change up your style when you’re as iconic as Ludacris. But luckily, he had some incredible help – the single was created at the iconic Patchwerk Recording Studios with legendary producer She'kspere, and with support from new school rapper Gunna.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




PSOne / New York

Client / Brand

The J.M. Smucker Company / Orrville

Art Director

Mollie Coyne


Josh Clayton

Chief Creative Officer

Erica Roberts


Spencer Chen

Account Supervisor

Nia Bolling

Associate Creative Director

Judd Wachstein

Senior Designer

Zachary Callopy

Assistant Lead - PR, Influencer, & Digital

Hilary Ayers-Kurtz

Associate Director, Content

Nicole Guadagno

Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer

Geoff Tanner

Digital & Social Assistant Lead

Allison Wagner

Director, Integrated Consumer Experience

Sara Diepenbrock

Director, Integrated Consumer Experience - Food & Beverage

Lynne Schroeder

Director, Social Strategy

Tristen Sechi

EVP, Content

Kim Iadevaia

EVP, Group Account Director

Yuri Lee

EVP, Managing Director - Media

Colleen Hotchkiss

EVP, Strategy Director

Jennifer Baldwin

Head of Culture

Salama Warner

Officer, SVP, Integrated Consumer Experience

Charlene Zappa

President, Group Client Lead

Gail Hollander

Senior Art Designer

Jessica Larkin

Senior Brand Manager

Tim Shannon

Senior Lead, Integrated Consumer Experience

Ryan Morand

Senior Manager, Content & Culture

Jennifer Polkinghorne

Senior Manager, Digital Strategy & Activation

Meghan Olmstead

Senior Program Manager

Ariel Wakasa-Gonzalez

Social Creative Director

Dave Gordon

SVP, Consumer Practice

Patricia Hallock

SVP, Group Client Director

Anna Kelce

SVP, Media Strategy

Alan Danzis

VP, Creative Director - Copy

Alan Wilson

VP, Account Director

Erika Maddrey

VP, Consumer Practice

Laurie Shulman Derousseau

VP, Creative Director, Art

Peter Defries

VP, Director, Data & Analytics

Jeff Bobick

VP, Executive Producer

Lauren Schneidmuller

VP, Group Director - Program Management

Alex Orson

VP, Marketing, Consumer Foods

Rebecca Scheidler

VP, Strategy Director

Allie O'Shea

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