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2022 One Show - Music & Sound Craft

Menstrual Dignity

Agency Wunderman Thompson / Sao Paulo + Johnson & Johnson + We4 Music + Landia & M&A

Client Johnson & Johnson


Artist / Brand Collaboration

Annual ID


About the Work

In Brazil, 25% of people who menstruate do not have access to sanitary pads. They improvise pads with things that put their health at risk, like socks, newspapers and even bread. According to Unicef, menstrual dignity is a right to everyone - but, in Brazil, that right was vetoed by president Bolsonaro. To make the scenario even worst, the information that menstrual dignity should be a right is not informed and is not widely disseminated, specially in communities that suffer the most from it. Two massive hygiene brands, Sempre Livre and Carefree, joined forces with one of the biggest rappers in Brazil - Barbara Bivolt - to raise awareness and shed a light to the issue that often lurks in the shadows. We used the power of denunciation of a music genre like rap to bring information to the people who most need to know about their rights so they can fight for it. "Dignity to flow" was the first rap that openly talked about the right to menstruate with dignity. With a powerful music video that portrayed the daily hardships of people living with menstrual poverty, the song went beyond the radio. It became a trending topic on social media, a subject of study to bring information about the rights of people who menstruate in peripheral schools and, the most important: less than a month from the launch, at least one draft bill is running in each of the country's 27 states to make the distribution of sanitary pads viable again.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3




Wunderman Thompson / São Paulo

Client / Brand

Johnson & Johnson

Production Company

Landia & M&A

Music / Sound Production Company

We4 Music


Julia Velo


Nathalia Reiter

Chief Creative Officer

Keka Morelle


Aline Lata

Director of Photography

Bel Lafer
Erico Toscano

Sound Designer

Tiago Abrahão

Account Director

Ticiana Gomes

Account Executive

Claudia Lampert
Lili Pulz

Head of Production

Maisa Delgado
Michel Gubeissi


Augusto César
Diego Máximo
Maira Toledo

Music Composer


Music Producer

Tiago Abrahão

Post Production

Landia & M&A

Post Production Coordinator

Elton Bronzeli
Nathalia Reiter

Account Team

Amanda Damasceno
Bárbara Pinto
Camilla Marcondes
Mariana Nadler

Assistant Director

Juliana Pellegrino

Assistant Executive Producer

Larissa Delfini

Assistant Production Coordinator

Luciana Andrade
Natália Petrechen

Client Approval

Aline Safady Luiz
Bruna Tonini
Camila Zanardi
Isabella Maimone
Laura Rocha
Priscilla Barone
Cristina Santiago
Roberta Catani

Color Grading

Acauan Pastore

Content Manager

Ruan Miller


Stella Pirani


Warner Chappell Brasil

Manager Bivolt

Drica Lara

Musical Director / Composition



Giovanna Cardoso
Manuela Minns
Hellen Araujo
Daniela Bertoldo
Suellen Ciriaco

PR Director

Vivian Zeni

Producer Coordinator

Natália Ferlin

Producer Director

Andrea Beni

Production Coordinator

Camilla Bastos

Production Director

Michel Gubeissi

Record Label

Som Livre

Social & Influence

Amanda Ramos
Beatriz Brandão
Ivilla Diniz
Tatiana Katiban

Strategy/Planning & Insights

Larissa Santos
Mansur Atique
Nathalia Cristina
Ruan Miller
Renata Nappi

Strategy/Planning Director

Diana Junqueira

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