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2022 One Show - Pharma

Now You Know

Agency Anomaly / New York + Smuggler

Client Abbott / FreeStyle Libre



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Type 2 Diabetes. Almost everyone knows someone who has it. And yet, when you’re diagnosed, it’s shocking to hear how such a commonplace disease has so many confusing, important, constantly shifting rules to follow. Rules like: “Exercise is good. Stress is bad. Food can be either.”

We universally heard from people with diabetes that it can feel like an unsolvable, unwinnable mystery. A condition with a mind of its own that’s impossible to understand. This disease demands you fix your life, but you feel like you’ve lost the instruction manual.

So instead of doing what the pharmaceutical industry tends to do - talking at people about their product - we took a different approach. We dramatized the human truth that people living with diabetes feel like they’re living in a world of ‘no’ to reveal the transformative power FreeStyle Libre systems can have in turning ‘no’ into ‘know’.

Because when you wear a FreeStyle Libre, the mystery is replaced with the knowledge of your glucose levels and what impacts them. And when you know what you can eat, how you should exercise, and ultimately, if you’re keeping your levels in range in order to prevent disease progression, you’re empowered with the knowledge to live your best life.

2022 Awards

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Anomaly / New York

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Abbott Laboratories

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Mr. Pape

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Mark Molloy

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Wave Studios



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