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2022 One Show - Public Relations

Bless Your F*ing Cooch

Agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address + eos + Makeout

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In May 2021, TikToker Carly Joy blessed the internet with a tutorial on how to “bless your f*cking cooch” with eos shave cream. Her organic viral video opened up a raw, unfiltered conversation about a taboo subject that we happen to care deeply about. While most brands would shy away from her spicy candidness, we wanted to celebrate it and keep the conversation going. So, we teamed up to launch a limited-edition line of Cooch Blessing Cream, complete with verbatim instructions on how to achieve a “smooth-ass hooha.” We designed a single-batch edition of the product and (after catching her attention), sent a package Carly’s way. She shared an unboxing video to her 150k-strong audience to the tune of millions of views. Carly’s videos were showered with adoration from fans practically begging to get their hands on the newly-minted Cooch Blessing Cream. We converted this ultra-limited run into a proper product line and printed enough bottles to go around—and go around they sure did. Released through a series of influencer videos tackling hooha faux pas, the product line sold out immediately. Not only did the campaign garner over 700 million earned impressions, it moved product. A lot of it. The campaign led to a 450X increase in website visits, sold 150,000 shave cream bottles in one week, skyrocketed the product from 300,000 up to 15,000 in Amazon product rankings, doubled the growth of eos’ entire shave cream category, and led to eos becoming the #1 shave brand for women and men at Target until selling out in stores across America. All because people wanted to bless their f*cking cooches. The campaign was honored as one of TikTok’s 14 top Culture Drivers, and most impressively, allowed us to say “cooch” in at least twelve client meetings.

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