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2022 One Show - Social Media

The Tunnel Pass Project


Client Red Bull Athlete Dario Costa


Stunts & Activations

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Red Bull always encourages its athletes and audiences to chase their dreams. When their athlete and aerobatic pilot Dario Costa set out to defy all odds, we made sure that he had the right back-up not only to make it happen but to inspire a global audience. Because in September 2021, Dario attempted something that has never been tried before: being the first person ever to fly a plane through a tunnel. After identifying the 2020 m Catalca Tunnels, Dario, Red Bull and a team of experts created a 3D virtual model of the location to study air waves and currents that could easily drive Dario’s Zivko plane to disaster. In preparation Red Bull developed an uncompromising 14-month-program of cognitive and physical training that enabled the pilot to hone his reaction time down to 0.25 seconds. We amplified Dario’s and Red Bulls efforts by bringing in brand partners BMW M and luxury watchmaker Hamilton to turn a crazy dream into no less than 5 world records. Together with Hamilton we designed a special edition watch with a face that can be unclipped and placed on the plane’s console so Dario’s eyes were undistracted from his mission at all times – 100 were produced and sold out within minutes. To further perfect Dario's reaction time we turned to BMW M for help to practice on their race track at bullet speed. We installed a 360-degree-camera on the roof of an M model car at the precise level Dario’s eyes would be so it could later be connected to VR – giving him the option to train over a thousand times. His successful record setting flight was pushed out globally on Red Bull, BMW and Hamilton platforms conquering screens across the planet and generating over 1.7 billion euros in earned media.

2022 Awards

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Serviceplan Austria / Vienna
WIEN NORD Serviceplan / NOW Serviceplan / Vienna

Production Company

Red Bull Media House / Wals bei Salzburg
Rückenwindfilm / Munich

Global Chief Creative Officer

Alex Schill

Managing Director

Christian Hellinger

Brand Partner

BMW M GmbH / Garching bei München
Hamilton International Ltd / Biel
Mount10 / Baar

Director Partnerships

Lukas Bauernberger

Managing Partner

Kurt Kaiser
Markus Mazuran

Worldwide Executive Creative Director

Jason Romeyko

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