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2023 One Show - Branded Entertainment

The Rabbit Hole

Agency SOS International / Keller + Jyra Films / Southlake + tao/s / Los Angeles

Client SOS International


Long Form Video / Single

Annual ID


About the Work

For The Rabbit Hole, our approach was to create a visual language that brings the audience into the surface world of two sisters - the bond they have; their hopes and dreams - then slowly transitions into their real world of exploitation and abuse. We knew it would be a delicate tight-rope balancing act of showing their dreams amidst the stark realities of their trauma. So, we had to build an approach that shined the light on these difficult subjects in a way that both gives the subjects a voice, yet simultaneously allows the audience to see their reality for what it is. One of the books Aaron had recently read was The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel van der Kolk. It talks about how - when people go through trauma - many times, their memory is fractured. They don’t remember things in consecutive order. Dates are misconstrued, timelines are incorrect, there are just certain flashes of images that come to mind that haunt the victims. So, that was one of the main things we were wanting to experiment with in this particular piece – first, in the writing; then the directing - how we can visualize these feelings of sexual abuse and exploitation. In order to do this, we felt we needed to depart from a traditional narrative structure and experiment with form to convey the lasting effects of trauma. Lastly, it was important to us to have the audience simply observe the life of these girls and put the puzzle pieces together themselves as they were watching. So, their performance was paramount to us. Since we didn’t want to rely on cuts, we spent quite a lot of time casting, then rehearsing as much as we could. We were constantly revising the script based on the actors we were auditioning.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 21


Client / Brand

SOS International / Keller

Production Company

Jyra Films / Southlake

Director of Photography

Lluis Marti


Lucas Harger

Sound Designer

Steve Horne


Jaume Rigual
Paulette Arietta

Production Designer

Fernanda Contreras

VFX Artist

Samm Hodges

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