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2023 One Show - Branded Entertainment


Agency (tsuzuku) / Tokyo + DENTSU INC. / Tokyo + Uedake / Tokyo + Dentsu Craft / Tokyo

Client Suntory Holdings Limited


Craft / Use of Technology

Annual ID


About the Work

The entry of new mineral water brands has created a saturated and competitive market environment, with many inexpensive but low-quality products. SUNTORY decided to bring pure, high-quality, natural water to the Japanese market. Our mission was to draw maximum attention to the compelling story behind SUNTORY TENNENSUI, and our strong commitment to selecting a high-quality water source. The story begins with a scene of a glacier glimmering in the morning sun, and quickly unfolds into a journey through the majestic Northern Japan Alps. We watch as Japan’s only glacier moves and transforms, its water filtered as it flows through granite in the ground, and other parts of the water cycle. Our tale is narrated by the storytellers who have inhabited the Northern Alps since ancient times: the birds, the clouds, the sea, the valleys, the soil, and human beings. The website make today's youth, who are accustomed to rich digital content, possible to experience deep down to the content's story but the digital technique. We targeted people who think “all water is the same”. We also tried to reach influential individuals in the web industry by utilizing ideas that integrated highly-skilled web design. Though our main focus was the website experience, we also made the experience available on YouTube. The challenge was how to compress the massive volume of 3D CG data while maintaining the finest quality to depict the compelling reality of the scenery. To overcome this challenge, we tested various types of model data until we could ultimately construct content that can be enjoyed stress-free, in high quality, across all devices. Posts to SUNTORY’s official Twitter account mentioned the content and concepts of the campaign, but also made mention of more technological aspects such as WEBGL and photogrammetry. As a result, we successfully expanded our reach to include a new audience interested in gadgets and programming. And we increased impressions by adapting the content for use in cinema advertising, so that audiences could experience the breathtaking natural scenery in a more immersive way.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




(tsuzuku) / Tokyo
Dentsu Inc. / Tokyo
Uedake / Tokyo


Kana Koyama


Yuta Echigo

Creative Director

Kaoru Sugano
Yukari Oka

Creative Technologist

Kaoru Sugano


Ayumi Sonoda


Sojiro Kamatani


Atsushi Asakura
Eiki Kurokawa
Hiroyoshi Murata
Yuki Tanabe

Music Producer

Katsuya Yamada
Satoshi Yonezawa


Shimpei Mizumoto

Project Manager

Sota Suzuki


Yasuhiro Takehisa

Technical Director

Yasuhiko Nishimura

3D Background Artist

Motonori Nakamura

3D scan

Atsushi Tanaka
Masaru Morinaka
Tsuneki Sakakibara
Yuya Orihara

Agency In-House Production

Dentsu Craft / Tokyo
Dentsu Creative X Inc. / Tokyo


Chihiro Matsumoto

Assistant Production Manager

Asahi Niikura

Business Producer

Satoshi Mizukami
Shinichiro Fujimoto
Yosuke Maki
Yui Kurusu




Hiroyuki Nakamura

CG Designer

Kazumasa Takeuchi
Takahiro Konagai

CG Director

Munechika Inudo

CG Producer

Akira Iio
Shohei Yoshikawa
Yoshifumi Sadahara

Cinematographer Assistant

Takahiro Nagumo


Yoshiyuki Nishida

Content Supervision

Hajime Iida


Masaki Hashimoto

Drone operator

Koji Hanafusa
Masatoshi Iso

Front-end Engineer

Ryo Yanagi


Masanari Oike

Gaffer Assistant

Yoshitsugu Ochiai

Geology Supervision

Satoshi Harayama

Hair Stylist

Tomoko Sato

Location coordinator

Daishoku Zen
Kyosuke Umeda

Make Up Artist

Nao Yoshida


Masayuki Sato

Motion Control

Kazuo Dan


Kaori Takeda
Miho Ohta
Miki Katsumasa


Kensho Ono
Shingo Katori
Shizuka Ishibashi
Shotaro Mamiya
Tasuku Emoto
Yoshinori Nanjo

Offline Editor

Masatoshi Kanno
Takayuki Tochizawa
Takashi Saeki

Online Editor

Akio Sakamaki

Online Producer

Tokihiko Tsukamoto


Akihito Narita

Technical Artist

Ayumu Nagamatsu

Web Designer

Takashi Kamada

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