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2023 One Show - Cultural Driver

Classify Consent

Agency TBWA\Sydney + Eleven / Sydney + FleishmanHillard / Sydney

Client Consent Labs


Popular Culture Impact

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About the Work

Background In a post-MeToo world, Australia became a leader by passing progressive consent laws. Consent Labs, Australia’s leading consent experts, were working to educate the two-thirds of Australians who were never taught about consent. But there was one space where all progress was being undermined – and Australians were collectively spending 780,000,000 hours a year watching it. Insight Lack of consent is normalised every day, and it happens on our screens in easy-to-miss moments, from Disney films to Hollywood rom-coms. The phenomenon is prevalent and psychologists have found that when we normalise it on screen, we normalise it in life.* Troublingly, 3/5 people can’t even recognise non-consensual acts in films.** Idea We launched #ClassifyConsent, a campaign for the first-ever film classification (“C”) to call out lack of consent. Just like with “violence”, the simple classification informs viewers of “lack of consent” before they watch content. But it’s also powerful, turning entertainment into education each time it’s used. We launched by exposing the lack of consent in famous film scenes and shared the videos on TikTok. Our posts went viral and the campaign was quickly picked up by global media. With an earned reach of over 200 million, 71% of people wanted an official “lack of consent” classification^. Our campaign generated so much attention that Netflix endorsed the classification, and we’re now working with the Australian Government to officially implement the first-ever “C” classification to call out lack of consent. * Prof. Julia Lippman, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan ** 3 in 5 (57%) of Australians are unable to recognise non-consensual acts in films (Consent Labs –Pureprofile; July 2022) ^ 71% of Australians believe classifying these scenes should be a legal requirement (Consent Labs – Pureprofile; July 2022)

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9




PR / Marketing Agency

Eleven / Sydney
FleishmanHillard / Sydney

Art Director

Edwin Concubierta


Ekin Gunes

Chief Creative Officer

Evan Roberts


Louis Royale


Kent Hau

Executive Creative Director

Katrina Alvarez-Jarratt
Russ Tucker

Executive Producer

Lisa Brown

Sound Designer

Beau Silvester

Digital artist

Edward Francisco
Bonnie Nguyen

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